TGIF: Hello, September

As I write this, I’m laying on my bed watching the rain pour down my window, as thunder booms and lightning flashes across the sky. The first week of September has come and gone and with its arrival came fall weather. In Victoria, thunder and lightning storms occur so infrequently that, when they do, you’ll find most people staring from the windows or standing on their decks, marvelling at the sights and sounds. You’d think that the storms in Toronto and Vancouver would have taken away some of that charm from my eyes, but I still love the feeling I get after hearing that first crack in the sky above me.

This week has been full of ups and downs, with good news and bad news. I spent half of the week walking around with an extra bounce in my step, and the other half holding my breath. The low was realizing that no matter how desperate I am to settle in one place, I may be on the move for a while longer. The high was reviewing and signing a contract I’ve always dreamt of but never imagined I would see in this lifetime. I learned, once again, that the only person you can fully trust is yourself. But I also learned that the people who love you will do anything they can to help you (and that you should treasure those people dearly).

My plans for this weekend are simple: have coffee with friends, write a bit and catch up on sleep. After moving, unpacking, working and going to treatments this week, I need some time to just be. So I’m forgetting about the lows, smiling about the highs and looking forward to whatever is next.

TGIF is a random series that I sort of started and stopped in the spring. I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do with it, until now. While the rest of my posts usually revolve around money or travel, I want TGIF to be a post about what I’m feeling each week and any plans I have for that weekend.┬áThis week’s post was easy to write – I had a little storm brewing outside that inspired me. But, while I am a true West Coaster who loves fall weather and the rain, I have to admit it’ll be hard to see this summer go. The last couple weeks have been life-changing. Now I just need to remember to breathe.

So long, summer. Hello, September.

What are you up to this weekend?

  • Hi Cait. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blogs for several months now, ever since I discovered them through LearnVest. I so love your writing. It feels personal, real, and warm. And so vivid! Thank you for so much of what you’ve shared – the financial journey alone has been inspiring for me, as a 60-year-old just now grappling with many of the same debt and budget issues. And then there’s that warmth and liveliness that is so inviting. Thank you.


    • What nice things to say! It’s always nice to hear from readers. Thank you, Leslie. I hope you have a great weekend!

  • As someone with family in Victoria and a trip there myself, I’m surprised I didn’t already know that thunderstorms weren’t really a thing there. That contract sounds great, congratulations! TGIF for me means thank goodness it’s worktime! haha. The restaurant I work at had a small fire this week (no injuries or major damage) but cleanup meant I’ve had this week entirely off. I am working Friday and Saturday night and going to wedding reception after work on Saturday so it should be a good weekend!

    • Thanks, Gillian! I’ll hopefully be able to tell everyone more about the contract soon. Sounds like you’re going to have a busy but fun weekend! Enjoy :)

  • “I spent half of the week walking around with an extra bounce in my step, and the other half holding my breath. ”

    I know exactly what you mean. It’s amazing how somedays you just seem unstoppable.. and other days you realize you are mortal. Just remind yourself of the superhero moments when you are feeling low :) And on the bright side, no more debt huh?

  • I totally get how you feel – sometimes you think everything is going your way but then you get a reality check. The important thing is to ‘just keep swimming’ like Dori always says :) Looking forward to more posts by you on budgeting and managing finances. Always full of practical wisdom!

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