August 2013 Budget & Goals

Ahhh, August. I’m so happy to see the beginning of a new month. Well, kind of. Actually, no. August is going to be insane. And the first thing you’ll notice about this post is that I don’t actually have a budget for it…

Ok, that’s not entirely true. I do have a couple small savings goals. And I obviously know how much my fixed expenses will add up to. But the rest of it? Well, this accident has put a few things on hold. As a result, I have no idea what the next month will look like for me – and as a planner and chronic list maker, that’s pretty scary! The one thing I can tell you is happening for sure is this: I’m moving.

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Yea, me neither.

On Monday, I published a short post about something that happened on Sunday night. In a spat of self-consciousness (let’s blame the painkillers), I deleted it after it went live. But the gist of it is that I was laying on my couch, propped up with a pillow and some ice packs on my back, when I noticed someone on my patio staring at me. My patio door was wide open. If I’d been asleep on the couch (which I was an hour before), he could’ve easily walked right in. And, of course, I’m already injured. Fortunately, I saw him and he ran… but now I’m scared to be alone there.

As fate would have it, that same night I received a text from a friend asking if I wanted to move in with him. Do you remember when I first moved to Vancouver and I was staying with various friends while looking for an apartment? He was the first person to offer his home to me and I stayed with him and his roommate for the first week or so that I was here. I really liked their building and even looked at a unit that was available at the time. Anyway, now that his roommate has given notice, I’m finally going to move in! And the best part: it’s only about 10 blocks over from where I live now (just on a much higher floor).

The bonuses of living with a roommate are obvious: we can split the rent (which will go from $1,000 down to $740) and all the other bills and utilities. We like a lot of the same shows, movies, etc. And it doesn’t hurt that his building comes with a pool, sauna and gym. But now I have to pack up the stuff I just finished unpacking, clean my current apartment, move everything and unpack in my new apartment. And because of my injuries, I can’t do any of it myself. All I can do is either pay for movers or pay for my family to come over with my dad’s truck and order some good takeout for everyone after.

Are you starting to see why I couldn’t create a budget for this month? Money is going to be coming in and out of my hands so fast. There will be moving expenses, damage deposits, medical treatments, etc. I just don’t know what to budget for any of it. All I can say right now is thank goodness I don’t have any debt.

Goals for the month:

  • Put 10% of my income in my Emergency Fund
  • Put 10% of my income in my RRSPs
  • Track my spending
  • Post a completed budget at the end of the month
  • Stop eating so much ice cream!

What do you have planned for this month?

  • Wow, Wow, WOW! So much happening this month! I think you are doing the 100% absolute right thing in moving. When you posted the first time that some guy was staring at you it sent a chill down my spine. (How do you have such creepy experiences? First the girl picking up stuff from you and she jiggled your door knob and now this?? :( ) I hope you heal well and everything goes as smoothly as possible!!

    • I had forgotten about that girl, until this happened! Eek! I do have some bad luck, eh? haha… hopefully things will settle down in September. Thanks, Brittany!

  • Yikes! That’s a frightening story. I’m glad you’ll be somewhere where you feel safe. Saving a few bucks is a nice bonus too! Best wishes for continuing speedy recovery from your injuries.

    By the way, I firmly believe that ice cream is a natural painkiller, since it lights up the happy parts of the brain :) so don’t feel bad about it ;)

    • Thank you for approving of my ice cream addiction, but I should at least cut back from 1 bowl/day to maybe just a few each week. Haha.

  • Wow! SO much has happened to and for you so quickly! I totally get why you’d want to move and it’s pretty fantastic that such a perfect opportunity presented itself. Good luck – it sounds like things are working themselves out (and I hope the pain is getting better!)

  • Oh my gosh you poor thing that you “have” to move AGAIN!!! I don’t know how I’d feel if that happened to me but I can’t say I blame you. Hope it all goes smoothly and you start to feel better with your injuries.

    • Thanks, T. I’m not too worried about the move itself… I think I’ll just hire a couple movers and pay someone else to deal with it all. I’m just hoping that I can settle into this new place and not have to worry about moving again for a while!

  • This is great that you are moving to a cheaper place and will get to save a bit on rent. It’s on my to-do list as well, since I am paying way too much for my flat.

    This is pretty scary what happened to you on Sunday! I hope you are feeling better now. Good luck with your August goals! xo

    • Yea, I’m happy that I’ll be saving some extra money each month… but I’m also just grateful for the timing of it all. I mean, minus the fact that I’m hurt and can’t really do anything… but I can’t wait to get out of my current apartment.

  • You know I’m always here and just a short drive away if you ever need to talk Cait. I’m so happy to hear that you are moving. August will be a better month for you – I can feel it! xo

    • Thanks, hun. I’m actually moving sooo close to where you are right now, haha. Too bad you won’t be there :P xo

  • Moving is such a time-consuming and tiring process. But considering what happened to you, it’ll all be worth it! Your safety is incredibly important and it’s worth it to move somewhere where you don’t have to worry about creepy events like that.

    • It’s definitely a process… but, fortunately (and unfortunately) I’ve moved so many times that it’s easy breezy now. I know everything that needs to be done… I just need to find some helpers to make it all happen!

  • I’m glad the opportunity to move came up at a convenientish time for you! I would be really scared to keep living in the same apartment as well, especially alone. Experiencing a break-in/robbery has always been a fear of mine. I also like to plan and not knowing where the month will end up worries me, too. I’m sure everything will work out – it sounds like it is already!

    • Even though I don’t have a specific budget in mind, I do have a list of everything I need to accomplish this month. I just don’t know what some of it will cost me! Like what is it going to cost me to pay for movers? It’s a small, local move but I have no idea. There are just too many variables right now… I’m already looking forward to September, haha.

  • Wow, that’s super scary! I’m glad you’re okay! I’m sorry July was such a crappy month in terms of random bad things happening to you, but it sounds like things are turning around again. My July was really really bad too, so I can relate, but I’ve noticed that all those bad things have come with a lot of big silver linings, and it sounds like the same is happening for you. A new place and new beginnings, and an outpouring of support and love being showered upon you! I wish you the very best of luck, even though I don’t think you’ll need it :)

  • As stressful as this all sounds, I think the new living situation sounds like it will really work out! I hate not knowing how much things will cost, but at least you can look forward to a new budget with lower rent :)

  • How terrifying! I don’t want to scare you, but as a law enforcement officer I feel compelled to tell you that the majority of home invasions happen while the home owner is at home.

    I know that it can be a pain and it takes a lot of discipline, but you should always have windows and doors locked at all times, including when you are inside your home. There are a number of cheap DIY security systems that are available online or at your local home improvement store. I have one of these systems myself and one of the greatest things about it is that if I ever move, I can take the system with me.

    Be safe!

  • That’s awful about the intruder. :(
    Are you going to be penalized for breaking your lease?
    One bright side is that it’s only a rental…I don’t know what I would do if I owned a home and this happened to me.

    • Nope, my landlord is actually thinking of selling her condo anyway, so she may just end up listing it. Plus, I only signed a 6-month lease, and we’ve had an agreement since the beginning that I could leave anytime so long as I gave a month’s notice.

      And yea… good call.

  • Ahhh! That is so scary about the creep. AND a comment reminded me of the girl who jiggled your handle– you really do seem to have a creeper magnet. I think moving is a great choice. Feeling safe in your home is one of the most important things in your life. I love your last goal, because it was so random. haha I’ve had many cravings for ice cream because its fun to go down to the town’s stand and sit on a bench while the sun sets! Enjoy your summer, the ice cream ban can begin Sept 1st. :)

    • Haha, yea what is with me and creeps, eh? We need to change this pattern ASAP.

      And I couldn’t agree more about the ice cream ban. Consider it already lifted until Sept! :P

  • Well Cait, yesterday I had just written a nice long comment to post here to you when Murphy’s Law struck and, when I hit “send”, the whole thing kinda disappeared into the ethernet and never did get posted properly. Me-thinks my browser settings were acting up. So buddy, you’re not the only one going around with a little black cloud over your head! :-(

    Anywho, enough of that blather. I figure that right now your physical and emotional health is job #1 for you over your financial health for this month at least so please don’t worry about cranking out an accurate budget for awhile.

    And, as Danielle commented, eat all the ice cream and comfort food that you want – in July, but since this is now August, don’t do dat any more!!! You have your diet goals to work on as well, agree? :-)

    Moving in with a roomie is a good plan and, who knows, maybe it was meant to be, eh? Assuming of course that he’s a dependable type whom you can comfortably get along with. Besides the obvious financial benefits, there’s also the emotional support benefits with increased security as well as an in-house sounding board to bounce ideas off of from time to time. No man (or woman) is an island, right?

    • And to answer your question as to my plans for this month,
      after just now releveling our 12×28 ft ground patio, the next yard projects are:

      having torn out our 12×14 ft (1 ft raised) wooden sun deck, replace it with an interlocking coloured stone patio,

      after that, raise and extend the front door stone porch,

      followed by establishing stone borders along the sides of our front driveway,
      and then arranging the get the driveway repaved next spring.

      And then I can eat some ice cream! :-)

      • A coloured stone patio sounds nice! How soon will you be done? (aka when can you eat ice cream? haha)

        • Well Cait, you did ask what we had planned for this month so I hope to have this part done within the next few weeks at which time, upon completion, I shall then plan for my ice cream “pig out”! :-)

    • Great points about living with a roommate, Rob! He and I have actually been friends since high school and have always gotten along well, so I think it’ll be a good fit.

      I’m still going to track my spending this month, and will show everyone what it all adds up to, but I can’t even begin to imagine what each category will look like. I definitely hadn’t budgeted for a move… but it needs to happen. Ahh well.

      Ok, yes. You’re right about the diet stuff. I’m pretty heartbroken that my injuries are keeping me from going for walks, hikes, to the gym, etc. But I can focus on eating right – with the occasional treat. ;)

  • So glad getting out of the lease worked out! September will be here before you know it.

    We already spent a BIG chunk of our money for August – J needed a new suit really badly (a few weddings coming up, including his brother’s) and I ended up buying a Burberry trenchcoat as well (my previous trench was so cheap & old and this will be perfect for the fall). Luckily they were both nearly half off at the Nordstrom sale, but neither was inexpensive. But they’re quality and I’ll have my trench FOREVER. I promised J I won’t buy another coat for a very long time! And he looks like a million bucks in his new suit.

    So anyway, we are planning to save 10% of our income instead of the usual 30%. We have to keep a tight lid on the rest of the spending this month due to our clothing splurges! :]

    Also I am trying to get healthier (again). I need to start running again and watching my calorie/alcohol intake. Ballet is done until September so I need to stay active in other ways this month. Plus we have two weddings in September and I’d like to look good in all of the pictures. In July I ate all of the sugar ever invented. So healthy August it is. I ran yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks. That was rough!

    • Big spenders! But great purchases. And nice goals for the rest of the month. I need to have a healthier August, as well. Like you, I ate ALL THE SUGAR in July. Ridiculous. But I need to eat smarter, now that I’m somewhat immobile. If I can’t be active, I at least need to take control of my diet and make better choices.

  • Oh my – that is a creepy creepy reason to need to move house – I feel for you! I just moved house, and had a few hours in hospital – but only for allergies, so no where near as shocking as what you’ve been through. Not that I’m the hugest budgetter, but I agree, there’s no way to track it all, and keep it to some dollar amount. I spend almost 4 figures on a removalists!! Who knew I’d acquired so much in 18 months, when I moved in, piece by piece – ie, no need for a removalist or a van! I wrote lists too – but some things just never got done, or got nixed to later – like I only JUST organised a formal mail redirection. I did get on telling companies fast, just not the formal post office redirection service. Le sigh – did that today. Best of luck you poor chicken!

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