San Francisco: Days 2 and 3

Unfortunately, the only picture I managed to take on Day 2 in San Francisco was of the view I woke up to. Vince’s apartment is one of the nicest homes I’ve ever stayed in. Not only was it beautiful and spacious, it was home to a handful of the most welcoming housemates I could have imagined. (And yes, I did sprawl out on that carpet and do nothing but write, a couple times.)

On Thursday, I worked from Vince’s home for the morning, then bussed into the city for lunch. Before leaving for my trip, the one plan I did make was to have lunch with ReadyForZero‘s content team: Ben, Shannon and Claire. What I didn’t plan for was to enjoying hanging out with them so much that I would work from their office for the rest of Thursday and Friday. But, after being treated to lunch at Osha Thai and picking up a mocha from Coffee Bar, I ended up doing just that.

(Did I not mention I was working from San Francisco Thursday and Friday? Yea, this was kind of a working vacation, haha.)

I ended up working until close to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, then asked Shannon if she’d join me for dinner. After taking down a list of restaurant recommendations from one of ReadyForZero’s co-founders (thank you, Nacho!), we left the office, jumped on the J train and ended up at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack. Over $10 bowls of pasta, Shannon and I talked about everything from work and blogs to boys and cross-country moves. I like to think that dinner is when we became friends IRL. : )

The Creamery San Francisco

On Friday, I worked from Vince’s again, then bussed down to The Creamery where I finally met long-time Twitter friend Jeena Cho. My coffee with Jeena was just another reminder of the incredible conversations that two strangers can have.¬†Jeena is a bankruptcy lawyer, which sounds about as tough as it is. But she’s also a published author and is in the middle of writing a new book. Our conversation topics included everything from debt and bankruptcy to blogging and travelling. There were no empty pauses and I left feeling like I’d made yet another friend IRL. (Oh, and my latte and breakfast sandwich were both great – as was the sun-filled patio and speedy Wi-Fi!)

From there, I divided my afternoon between working from both Planwise and ReadyForZero. I do have to admit that, while a working vacation might not sound fun for everyone, working around other startup people is so incredibly inspiring. I first experienced this at the Meetup I attended Wednesday night, and feel fortunate that I can look back and say I spent my entire trip with people who work at startups – and those that are focused on helping users with their personal finances in some way, no less. Around 7:00 p.m., I packed it in and decided to go home for the night. It felt lame to admit but all I wanted to do was eat some takeout and watch something on Netflix… and that’s exactly what I did.

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