28 Random Things About Me

I saw this sign hanging in an ice cream shop in Kingston, Ontario last month and immediately knew I wanted to use it on my blog. Here’s why.

Last year, I celebrated my 27th birthday on the site by sharing 27 random things about myself with all of you, and I think that’s a tradition I’d like to keep up. If you missed last year’s post, feel free to read that first… (I just did to make sure there were no repeats!) This year, I’m going to include a mix of random things about me with lessons I have learned between then and now.

  1. I’m turning 28 on Sunday.
  2. I’m 8 and 10 years older than my sister and brother. Sometimes I wonder if they think of me as a sister or more of a weird older cousin or aunt.
  3. I’m the only blonde in my family. Everyone else has dark brown hair.
  4. My eyes were blue until I was 7 or 8 years old. Now, they are green.
  5. My huge makeup bag consists of only 5 pieces of makeup.
  6. I don’t own a single pair of high heels.
  7. Fashion and trends bore me.
  8. But I do like to paint my nails (and am pretty good at it).
  9. I also wish I had an excuse to wear eyeglasses (but am grateful for 20/20 vision).
  10. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 14 years old. Just one cup a day… but I need/love it.
  11. Last year, I gave up coffee for 2 months or so and I yawned everyday. Non-stop!
  12. My favourite meal has always been a homemade stir fry. I have vivid memories of prepping veggies for them when I was a kid.
  13. You know how people either love or hate cilantro? I love it.
  14. I have never eaten ramen. Yes, I’m serious.
  15. For years, I hated country music. Now, it’s almost all I listen too. *Ashamed*
  16. I don’t have cable and I very rarely miss it.
  17. I’ve lived in my new apartment for two months and have only turned my TV on a handful of times.
  18. I always have a stack of books on my nightstand but I usually only read on my Kobo Glo now.
  19. I like to sleep with my feet out from under the covers. I think it keeps me both cool and warm.
  20. I dream a lot. Vividly.
  21. I think 27 was one of the best years of my life. I challenged myself almost daily and I took some huge risks. A few failed but many more were successful.
  22. This year, I learned that if you can smile or laugh when you’re alone then you’re really happy.
  23. I also learned how to cherish the friendships that make you a better person and say goodbye to the ones that don’t.
  24. And finally, I learned that you should always, always, always trust your gut.
  25. It’s taken some time, but I’m finally feeling comfortable with the fact that alcohol no longer has a place in my life. (You’d think the lack of hangovers would’ve made that one more obvious!)
  26. Turning 27 scared me but turning 28 doesn’t. Seriously, let’s skip ahead to 30. (No don’t, I’m just kidding! Ahhhh!)
  27. I have never travelled outside of North America. 28 is the year I plan to change that.
  28. It’s also the year I plan on going after (even more of) my dreams.

Now, tell me something about you that I don’t already know. :)

  • De-lurking here :)

    I also listen to country….but only in my truck! for the longest time it seemed ‘inappropriate’ to listen anywhere else, but it’s been creeping into other locations lately.

    I haven’t had a tv since 2005 and I don’t miss it. But I do have a subscription with Netflix. Seriously, get rid of the TV, it’s just taking up space!

    I splurged on a king size bed 6 months ago. Despite being a single girl, it’s THE BEST. SO MUCH SPACE. Technically I have dogs who take up the other 2/3 rds :)

    You’re blog is lots of fun to read! I’m glad you’ve decided to keep writing.

    PS. I read a blog called ‘Girl with the Red Hair’ who asks people to de-lurk every year as a birthday present. It always works :)

    • Listening to country in a truck sounds about right to me!

      And I know Amber! But I didn’t know she did that. How cool.

      Happy you stopped lurking :)

  • I knew an optometrist once who wore glasses for the fashion aspect.
    If I could not wear my glasses, I would gladly give them to you. It’s only been the last two years or so I’ve had to wear them all the time and I don’t like it.

    • Aww. Yea, I don’t actually want to wear them everyday… I just wish I could wear them for fun sometimes. I’ll stop asking for it because I’m sure I’ll really need them one day!

  • #15 just made my day!

    I’ve been picturing our potential road trip in a couple weeks, and I’ve been wondering if our tastes in music would sync or not. Turns out they do! Bring on the honky tonk :D

  • >>>For years, I hated country music. Now, it’s almost all I listen too. *Ashamed*<<<

    Don't be ashamed, embrace it!

    Also I feel like everyone is making discoveries like this recently, my dentist office was even blaring the local country radio station last week. As a long-time country lover, I LOVE that it's gaining in popularity (just don't call Taylor Swift country ;)

  • Love these lists you create. Happy Early Birthday!
    My one fact: If I could wear flip fops in every social situation I would.

  • Something about me that you don’t already know, eh?

    Well, in tracing back our family’s genealogy (which my bro just loves to do), one thing I’ll tell you is that, as well as having both English and French ancestors, I’m also 1/8 Iroquois Indian – and, no, I don’t plan on seeing the latest Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer! :-)

    Happy birthday this Sunday Cait and hope you have a great time!

    • Haha, that’s really cool Rob! My mom’s side of the family sounds like it’s fairly similar to yours. I’ll never really know anything about my biological father’s side, so I’ll just pretend I’m half British (stepdad’s side) hehe.

  • LOVE this! I have always hated country music up until just a couple of months ago. Now it’s pretty much all that I listen to.

    Sounds like 28 will be a good year for you! :)

  • Hi Kait! Happy early 28th birthday! I really like this idea of a yearly tradition where you share random facts about yourself – it’s a neat way to learn about someone. Here’s a few from me:

    1. I also sleep with my feet outside of the covers – I also hate socks and almost always take them off as soon as I’m home

    2. I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle and it drives my husband batty. We don’t share toothpaste anymore.

    3. I grew up in Vancouver, BC and miss it every day (not enough to move back yet, but I do miss it)

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing about your adventures for the upcoming year. Viva la 28!

    • Great ones, Lindsey! And the toothpaste one made me laugh. I’ve never shared toothpaste with a live-in boyfriend, simply because we liked different ones, but I do remember one ex saying I squeezed my bottle wrong, lol.

  • I know that ice cream shop :) One of my favs!

    #9 made me laugh — I need glasses, but I’ve learned to embrace them as an accessory. I can totally relate to #19. I can’t stand sleeping in a bed with the sheets all tucked in. I know how to make an impeccable “hospital corner” bed, but I never do it.

    Happy Birthday! I enjoyed this post.

    • It was sooo good!

      I could never sleep under a tight sheet either – not even in the winter. Actually, sometimes I’ll even turn on a little bit of heat AND have a fan blowing on me, lol.

  • Happy birthday Cait! Hope its a fantastic day :) Loved #22 If you can smile or laugh when alone, you know you have no troubles in the world.
    I didn’t freak out when I turned 30, it wasn’t a big deal. However, 40 is the next milestone that is making me freak out.
    Loved this post, have a great day!

    • Thanks, Michelle! 30 doesn’t really scare me either… but for now I’ll just stick with 28, haha. And I can’t imagine you’re anywhere near 40… ;)

  • happy birthday cait! yes you need to travel! Come to my country, you can visit bali and gili!! :)

    • That would be amazing, Riany! I’d love to spend a month in Bali and have heard so many great things about the Gili Islands :)

  • Don’t be ashamed of your country loving waaaaaaayyyyyysssss!

    Great list btw. I’m trying to get used to trusting my gut too, even when it’s telling me to do something that my heart would rather not :(

    Something random about me… I’ve never had a Big Mac before. I don’t really think it’s that weird but everyone else I tell does! I’m pretty sure I’m not missing out ;)

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