Update: June 2013 Budget & Goals

Update: June 2013 Budget & Goals

Do you remember how worried I was about this monthly budget? June 2013 is the first month in my entire adult life that I haven’t owed anyone money; that’s a reality I could never have imagined before, but is one that I’m living now – and I didn’t do too bad.

My concern all month was that I would spend, spend, spend. And you can see the overages: I did do a fair bit of spending. But I was still conscious of my money. I always knew the balance of my chequing account and I kept my monthly goals in mind at all times. Still, let’s see where the numbers came from.

This month, I spent 10 days in Vancouver, 10 days in Victoria and 10 days in Toronto. I’m pretty happy with what my spending in Victoria and Toronto added up to, but it was eye-opening to see how spending only 10 days at home in Vancouver can change a monthly budget.

Groceries went way down and Restaurant went way up. I’m not surprised about Groceries going down. In fact, it’s the opposite – $100 for 10 days seems a little outrageous. But the amount I spent on takeout was just ridiculous – especially considering that I spent even more in Victoria and Toronto.

Now, a third of that $159 came from the fact that I treated two people to dinner: my aunt and a close friend. I also put $40 on my Starbucks card and still have some leftover. But I don’t feel good about it all – nor do I think anyone who travels 2/3 of the month feels good about their diet. July’s goals will reflect that.

Onto the real discretionary spending overages. Under Personal Care, I bought myself a nice pair of hiking boots, as well as two summer dresses and a couple other little things. Misc./Cash is an oil change + gifts for Father’s Day, Mom’s Birthday, and my “nephew” was born early so he needed a little somethin’ too.

Finally, I setup preauthorized payments with TELUS, so I received $15 off this month’s Internet bill.

Goals for this month:

  • Track my spending daily – PASS!
  • Workout at least 15x – FAIL! I¬†only worked out 6x.
  • Read 3 books – FAIL! I started two and finished zero.
  • See as many friends as possible while in Toronto – PASS!
  • Make a bucket list of things I want to do in Vancouver this summer – PASS!

How did your month finish up?

  • Awesome, I am so proud of you in your first month without debt payments at how well you did. Seeing you grow in leaps and bounds has really lit a fire under my #*&. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

  • Happy Canada Day, Cait.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the net negative left-over balance in your June monthly budget so long as you can achieve a net positive left-over balance in the next month or so. During the peak summer months and winter months I find that it’s best to look at whether you are keeping to your budget more on a quarterly basis than on a monthly basis, due to discretionary spending activities during these usually busy periods of the year.

    This past month my home improvement spending has gone up as I (and a friend) proceed to redo our back yard patio and sun deck. This winter I expect the same thing to happen as I proceed on my next home improvement project – painting all the interior of our 2-story house. As I said, I will be tracking these things, budget-wise, more on a quarterly basis than on a month-to-month basis.

  • Wow I think you did pretty awesome for your month without debt AND travelling so much! My budget usually goes out the window when I travel.

    My June was pretty ridiculous and not normal at all. The wedding, paying off my student loans etc threw everything pretty much out of wack. Looking forward to getting back to a more normal July, although now that I think of it, I’ll be spending well over 10 days travelling myself!

  • Good work, C! We had a really great June. We were gone for 10 days, and all of that spending was budgeted into our NYC trip. J had a bit of overtime in his paycheck, and we managed to save an extra $500 on top of what we estimated we would save. And we came in $700 under budget for our trip! So that’s an extra $1200 in the e-fund which we didn’t anticipate.

    We have about 2 months left of saving (this month and next) before we decide if we want to continue bumping up the e-fund, or start on the house fund. The interest rates (and home prices in our area) are really starting to rise, so we’re wondering if we should get a jump on the house after we hit 3 months’ of expenses saved. Rather than our original plan of 6 months’ expenses saved. It would take us another 5+ months to finish our e-fund otherwise. We’ll get to the 3 month mark and then re-evaluate our goal.

    • Woo hoo! It’s awesome that you guys came back with a little extra money from your NYC trip. Which, by the way, I’m dying for an update on!

      Interest rates are going up here, as well… makes me wish I had the cash to buy now! Ahhh well. I’ll get there… one day.

  • Considering the fact that you spent 20 days travelling this month, I’m going to say that’s not too shabby! It’s hard to keep fresh produce dairy in the house when you’re constantly coming and going, so I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much for spending $100. It was an abnormal month anyway. July will be better :)

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