My 10-Day Trip to Toronto

I have to apologize for not replying to all of the thoughtful comments on this post yet. I read them all as they showed up in my inbox, but spent Wednesday night packing before flying to Toronto on Thursday. In case I don’t get a chance to reply to them all soon, know that I am a) going to keep meat in my diet, b) going to look into local farms, and c) so appreciative of all the links and resources people included in their comments.

As I type this, I’m laying on the bed in Roomie’s spare bedroom – the room that only a few months ago was still home for me in Toronto. It’s shortly after 10pm on Sunday night and I am laying on the bed, versus in the bed, because the humidity in this city is… well, it makes Toronto feel like a tropical destination, in comparison to anything you experience in BC. Honestly, I shouldn’t complain because it’s only 22°C tonight, but 88% humidity is just sticky! This is about as warm as it gets in Victoria ever, haha.

What I can complain about is how quickly my trip seems to be flying by! It’s already Day 5 of my 10-day trip to Toronto. Every part of it has been great so far, but I know that my Saturday afternoon flight home is going to creep up fast. In case you don’t see me on here or on Twitter much this week, this is what I’ve been up to and where I’ll be:

Day 1 – Stayed up until 1am catching up with Roomie. Then jetlag kept me up until 4:30am.

Day 2 – My 7am alarm hurt. Three shots of espresso helped. I went into the office and spent most of the day in meetings with everyone. After work, Roomie, her bro and I had dinner at a pub in her neighbourhood (I almost said “our” neighbourhood). Passed out cold around 11pm.

Day 3 – Slept in until almost 10:30am. Roomie and I met two of my co-workers for brunch at l’ouvrier then spent the afternoon shopping along Queen Street. One of Roomie’s friends had us over for dinner. After dinner, we all walked over to another friend’s new place for her housewarming. Passed out around 1:30am.

Day 4 – Slept in until 9:30am and woke up to heavy rain. Put my sore, swollen feet in sandals and walked in it to Starbucks; that probably sounds weird but it felt amazing on my right foot. Spent most of the day on the couch with Roomie, finishing a TV series we had started together back in March. It was a perfect, lazy Sunday.

Day 5 (Today) – Today, I’m working in the office then meeting two friends for dinner. After that, I need to come back to Roomie’s and pack for Days 6-9.

Days 6-9 – After work, the team is heading out of the city for an offsite retreat at a cottage. I am so excited to spend some quality time with everyone (and to soak up a little sun, in the process).

Days 9-10 – We’ll be back in the city sometime Friday afternoon. Depending on the weather, I’m going to do EdgeWalk at the CN Tower on either Friday evening or first thing Saturday morning! Then I’ll spend the rest of my time with Roomie, before flying back to Vancouver on Saturday afternoon.

And then I’ll be home. For a few days, anyway.

What are you up to this week?

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  • Hi Cait, welcome back to TO (if only for a short visit). I must say you never cease to impress moi – to read that YOU are going to do EdgeWalk at the CN Tower. You are much braver (probably because you’re younger, I guess – lol) than me. I would not get near that area with a 10 foot barge pole! :-)

    As to what I’m up to this week:
    Well, after enjoying a yummy daddy’s day steak bbq yesterday at our daughter’s house yesterday, this week I plan to re-do our backyard patio as well as the usual other regular weekly yard duties (lawn mowing, etc.). Almost like going back to work for this retired dude! :-)

    Enjoy your week in Toronto.

    • I’ve wanted to do it for a long time! No fear of heights here (watch, I’ll freak out up there, haha). I just registered for the first walk on Saturday morning – 8am! Eek!

      Sounds like you had a nice weekend and the weather should make for an even better week. :)

  • Ahhh! The EdgeWalk! I’ve wanted to do it since it first debuted. I’m a little worried that I might pass out but it seems like too amazing an experience to pass up. Just have to save up the money first…

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your time back in Toronto. I’m heading up (down?) that way tonight for a meet-up. Here’s hoping the weather clears up by then!

  • Welcome to Toronto Cait! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your stay. Kudos on doing the Edgewalk, I’ve never actually gotten around to doing it and I live here!

    Enjoy your cottage retreat, all the best for the rest of your stay :)

  • Ooh doing the Edge Walk is on my list for the summer, I can’t wait! Hope it goes well for you.

  • You sound like me having a hard time getting used to east coast time. I just can’t fall asleep before midnight here. At home I go to be around 10:30/11 and wake up around 6:30. Here I’m sleeping in till 8:30. Have fun with the rest of your time there. Oh, and the humidity is shocking to me too here in Detroit.

  • Welcome back to Toronto! Sounds like you’re having a great ten days! I’ve lived just outside of Toronto my whole life and have never done the Edge Walk. Have fun!

  • Nice. That’s a pretty combination of business and pleasure indeed. Your photo on the EdgeWalk looks like fun. Haven’t tried that yet. It must be really exciting. Have a safe trip back home.

  • Wow I cannot believe you’re hanging over the edge so high up like that! You wouldn’t catch me doing that. p.s. Toronto looks awesome!

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