June 2013 Budget & Goals

June 2013 Budget & Goals

I have to be honest: this silly little spreadsheet has been stressing me out for weeks! A few people on Twitter asked how that could be possible, considering it’s my first month with no debt repayments to make – but that’s exactly what’s been stressing me out! Not the fact that I have no debt repayments to make, but that all of the money I normally put on debt already has somewhere else to go.

Summer 2013 is going to include a lot more travelling than my budget is used to. This month, I’m spending only 12 days in Vancouver, then 10 in Toronto and 8 in Victoria. (Hey, that’s almost an even split between my three homes!) I’m not complaining about the travelling, it’s just something I’ve never really had to budget for before. But it also doesn’t give me much wiggle room to save.

At the top, you’ll notice the only saving I’m doing this month is for – you guessed it – travel and weddings. Really, the two could almost be combined – but the Travel category, as it stands, is for my trip to San Francisco and Weddings is pretty self-explanatory. I do plan on putting anything leftover into my Emergency Fund, but I can’t commit to a certain amount yet so I left it empty.

This is the first budget where I’ve added categories for the trips I am going to take – and you’ll be seeing them in every budget from June to November. No, December. Ok, it’s basically there to stay. As I mentioned, I’m going to Toronto for 10 days. For new readers, I only recently moved back to BC from Toronto, so I’m lucky enough to have friends I can stay with there when I’m not at my work retreat (so excited!).

I’m also making two trips over to Victoria, this month – one for a bridal shower, the other for a wedding + Canada Day long weekend (and maybe even a new baby, if he comes early!). Victoria is home for me so, again, I will always have somewhere to stay for free and the only major expense is taking my car on the ferry (which I’m going to try not to do, for a couple of my upcoming trips this summer).

My one goal for this month was to create a budget that reflected the fact that I would only be in Vancouver for about a third of the month. I slashed my Groceries budget and cut back on both Restaurants and Entertainment (and added it to my trips). But I also left room in my Personal Care budget to possibly get my hair done for the first time this year ($100) and beefed up Misc./Cash for an oil change on my car.

Other goals for this month:

  • Track my spending daily (I can’t wait to tell you about the new app I’m using for this!)
  • Workout at least 15x (at home, the gym, or a hike/run)
  • Read 3 books
  • See as many friends as possible while in Toronto
  • Make a bucket list of things I want to do in Vancouver this summer

What do you have planned for this month?

  • Wow your month sounds even busier than mine! My June is shaping up to be a little crazy too. I’m paying off my student loans this week (yay!), doing the Relay for Life on the weekend, and then getting married on the 22nd! Hopefully I won’t completely forsake my budget this month, but it might happen.

    • My month might sound busier but you’re getting freaking married! I have a feeling mid-month will be a little crazy for you… and HOORAY no more student loans, after this week!

  • I love that you do this kind of a post at the beginning and end of each month – what a great way to stay accountable!

    June for me is shaping up to be pretty busy. I’ve got a university reunion & a work function in Toronto, lots of running as I continue to train for my 30km race in August, and at the end of the month I’m getting 4 teeth pulled in order to make way for braces :(

    What days are you going to be in Toronto?

    • Sounds like a busy month for you, as well. I’ll be there June 13-22 but am spending almost half of that at a cottage!

  • That’s an enviable problem to have :)

    At the very least, you should be happy that what used to go just to debt repayment is now going to things you enjoy.

    • I know, I really have no complaints… I would just love to save more, but am conscious of the fact that it’s going to be a hectic summer.

  • What a fabulous idea (bucket list)! I have lives here for 3 years and there is still so much I haven’t done or seen. I’ve never even done the grouse grind!

  • I can imagine that not having any debt to pay is weird. Awesome, but weird!

    It sounds like you have an exciting month planned out for yourself – with travelling and weddings and other fun stuff!

    I think about the day I won’t have debt anymore and while I’m pretty sure it’ll be so great – I will also worry about whether I’ll go crazy and sink myself into a debt pit again. Nothing like pre-worrying for a problem I won’t have for a few more years!

    Anyway, enjoy yourself and your new found financial freedom! I’m jealous about San Francisco – I hear it’s amazing!

  • First time is always the strangest… sounds like a great month lays ahead though. Also, when you find yourself in CA make sure to go to an In and Out Burger and order a burger animal style. It will counteract your gym related goals but you will thank me later.

  • I stumbled on your blog from an article in the Globe and Mail, and I am impressed by your journey. Congrats on shoveling all that debt away!

    I see from your last posts that you are stuck. “What next?” you say, and seeing this post I see I can point you a way forward. You have now mastered the first level of that budgeting game, with honors. You now have a working monthly budget, but you still have to reassess it every month and that is a lot of work. The next level is taking a step back and going annual or more.

    It goes a little like this: draft a list of your infrequent expenses (auto insurance, maintenance, yearly vacations, or other such things) and add those items in your savings. This way, you should have the cash accumulated BEFORE the expense occurs, and stop shuffling your budget monthly. Of course, keeping monthly track of accumulated and spent money could still be done like now!

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