Update: May 2013 Budget & Goals

Update: May 2013 Budget & Goals

OMG. Ok, let’s do this. Let’s end May Madness.

Overall, I can’t say I’m surprised about my totals – nor am I surprised about which categories I went over budget. I spent a lot of money this month. $6,000 – poof! Gone. Like magic! Only it doesn’t feel very magical. I’m going to save the Moving category for a post of its own next week, so let’s just look at Expenses.

I travelled a lot this month, so I’m actually surprised my Restaurant budget isn’t higher. My Entertainment budget is what my weekend in Tofino cost me. And Personal Care. Well, let’s just say that I did a little shopping this month. In total, I bought a rain jacket, a hoodie, a sports bra, two books, a poster and frame, and a kettlebell. Bah! Don’t judge me. Now that I’m back in BC, I also forgot that I would have to start paying for MSP (health care) again ($66.50).

Now, you might notice that I didn’t set any money aside for Weddings this month. Instead, I spent a good chunk of what I would have saved. With “The Summer of Weddings” fast-approaching, there were dresses and gifts that needed to be bought. In total, I spent $253.99 on Weddings. Oh, and then I bought myself that flight to San Francisco. All of this is found in Misc./Cash. And now that today is payday, guess what I’m doing? Putting almost all of my paycheque back into my savings accounts, lol.

Goals for this month:

  • Move, buy some new furniture, and get all setup – PASS! And have I mentioned that I love my new apartment? I love my new apartment.
  • Start running 5x/week (some short runs, some long runs) – FAIL! More on this next month.
  • Finish reading¬†Wild¬†and read at least one other book – PASS! It took me a long time to finish Wild, but then I finished Unwasted in one sitting. (Amazing book for anyone, not just us sober folk.)
  • Make my final debt repayment (and do a major happy dance) – PASS! Although I haven’t danced yet.
  • Enjoy every minute of my weekend away! – PASS! Take me back to Tofino, please.

How did your month finish up?

  • I meant to comment the other day, but CONGRATS! Happy dance is in order. I’m not totally sure what that dance looks like, but in my head it’s a combination of the Macarena and the Harlem Shake. So basically it just looks like someone on fire.

    I’ll be happy to say goodbye to May. June is always scary for us. My birthday, Joanna’s birthday AND our anniversary. May the frugal gods watch over us. Amen.

    • Thanks! So I need to dance like I’m on fire. Got it! But no pictures or video will be taken as proof.

      Bring on June!

  • So Cait, how’s it feel to be finally totally debt free?

    Btw, what’s a kettlebell? Is that a paperweight? a door stopper? …
    (I never knew that kettles came with bells)

    My month ended on a high note, both financially and health-wise (for a change).

    I’m now off for a week in Montreal to visit my 92 y/o mom and tackle her job jar – a retiree’s work is never done … :-)

  • May was a terrible month for me spending wise. Money just seems to be slipping through my fingers lately. On the bright side, I only have $354 left owing on my student loans, and once the loan total updates on the student loan website, I’ll be paying that sucker off completely. Woohoo!

    Here’s to June being a better month! Although with the wedding coming up, I feel like it’s going to be just as bad or worse than May.

  • Ahh to make that last debt repayment! Must really feel great! Man some of those expenses you really went over on. Hopefully next month will be a lot better.

  • Spending must be in the water this month, because we spent a lot of money, too! At least we didn’t hit the emergency fund so that’s a plus.

    Awesome on the kettlebell! I have a family of them!

  • Great job C! May was expensive for us, too. Went about $400 over budget. Most of that was because of an out of town visitor, which always means lots of dining in restaurants. Just means less saved; luckily we have never had to tap into our e-fund (knock on wood). We still managed to finish the NYC fund and are gonna have an amazing time spending it! :)

    June should be much better for us financially. I am resolving to keep a firmer hand on our money. It’s easy to let drips and drabs slide through our fingers…

    Have a fab weekend! xoxo – A

    • Ahhh, I can’t wait to hear about all of the things you do with your NYC fund! Here’s to a great June, A :)

  • Haven’t calculated this month yet, but I think I did OK. I need to take a closer look and figure it out. I know I was on track with my savings, but my spending might be a little high. As for exercise and diet goals-epic fail. A weight watchers online subscription is in my near future ;-)

  • May was a month with 3 pay cheques but I still didn’t make much progress on my debt. Still almost $16,000 to pay off and that will take about 15 months if nothing in my life breaks or needs to go to the vet.

    I can’t wait until I am in your debt free position. I don’t think I will do a happy dance but I am more likely to lay down and lapse in to some sort of physical shock.

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