I’m Going to San Francisco!

People have been asking me for months how I’m going to celebrate becoming debt-free and my answers have been seriously boring. Buy some new clothes? I need ’em but I can get those anytime now. Champagne? Drinks with friends? Nah, I gave that stuff up. Start saving? After I pay for what I’m now calling “The Summer of Weddings” – most definitely.┬áBut two hours after I made my final debt repayment, I did something I’ve wanted to do for years – I booked a trip to San Francisco. That might sound a little impulsive – and, ok, it was – but if I don’t do this trip now, there’s a chance I never will.

Because of a credit I had with Alaska Airlines, I got a roundtrip ticket for $269 all fees and taxes in. I’m staying with a friend from the Planwise team, which takes care of what is usually the most expensive part of any trip (accommodation). And all I need to do now is save up some spending money for when I’m there.

To say I am excited about this trip would be an understatement. Much like my trip to NYC at Christmas, a trip to SFO was sort of a fantasy goal for this year. But now it’s happening! I’m heading down on July 17th – 10 days after my 28th birthday – and you know I’m already counting down to it!

Have you ever been to San Francisco? Tell me something I should do when I’m there. :)

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  • This is so exciting! I will let others who have been there to visit, but I will make one suggestion of something you can’t see all the time! The Bay Bridge, usually totally second fiddle to the Golden Gate Bridge, is covered in a massive art installation of bazillions of lights. Please go for me, I have heard it is spectacular. Also, go to The Mission (neighborhood). It is super interesting, tons of good food, and you can see where yours truly used to live and hang out. Let me know if you have any questions! Xo.

  • take the NIGHT Alcatraz tour – much better than the daytime tour as you get to see more of the jail. Make sure you bring a jacket!!!

    As well, take the trolleys – not quite sure if there is a trolley or a bus that goes down Knob Hill – a must to do!

    Have a GREAT time – keep up the blogging and congrats again on being debt free! It truly feels GREAT! We only have a mortgage and I still am inspired by you to keep hacking away at that so we can eliminate this too!!

    • People keep mentioning the night tour, so I think that’s a must! And bring what type of jacket? A warm jacket? Or a rain jacket? haha

  • Enjoy your trip to San Fran, Cait. I’m sure that you’ll have a blast! Btw, I just finished reading a blog entry (plus video) of you and your debt payoff story in the Globe and Mail’s blog this morning. You’re becoming quite famous! :-)

    • It was fun shooting the video in Toronto and then doing the final interview a few weeks ago. I’ve received a number of emails in response to the article, mostly from people my age who are in debt now or have gotten out of it. Great to connect with more Canadians!

  • I am so excited for you about your trip and being able to spend it not worrying about debt. Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment.

  • I just loved walking around Fishermans Wharf. Great little shops and restaurants — perfect for people-watching!

  • I went to SF last year with a friend of mine. We found this amazing athletic wholesale store at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Think Sugoi jackets for $40, runners for $60). We did a run across the bridge for fun, and spent a day with a rental car touring Berkeley, Napa, and Sausilito. And the usual stuff- Trolly, Alcatraz, Pier 39, painted ladies.
    Have fun!

  • One of my favorite cities to visit. My top 3: Filbert Street steps, hanging off the side of the cable cars, and biking across the Golden Gate bridge.

  • I went to San Francisco last year and had a great time! I loved Alcatraz and would definitely recommend checking it out!

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