I Finally Moved + Living in the Red

Another short update today, I’m afraid.

This past weekend flew by. I spent Friday night and Saturday driving across Southern Vancouver Island, to do all of my favourite things with all of my favourite people. I played with my 3-year-old “niece”, had a girls’ night, went for a hike, went out for breakfast, fed the seals and stopped at my favourite lookout points. On Sunday morning, we caught the 9am ferry to Vancouver, moved my stuff (in 29°C weather) into my place, then locked the door and drove right back to the ferry. It was both exciting and exhausting.

First, it was wonderful seeing so many of my friends and spending most of my weekend in a fit of laughter. But the stress of moving + the physical task of moving + the travel was too much. I’m tired, slightly sunburned, and ready to curl up and get 12 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that. (Hurry up, weekend!)

Today is my last full day in Victoria and my schedule is jam-packed. Tomorrow, I have to wake up at a ridiculous hour (probably 4:30 or 5am), so I can pack the last of my things in my car and try to catch the 7am ferry. But then I’ll be home – in my new home, that is. I can’t wait to unpack my boxes and get settled…

While I don’t have much else to report back yet, I do want to share a short film I watched on YouTube this weekend. It’s 8 minutes long, so hit the ‘Play’ button on your first coffee break and let me know what you think after. (Note: I loved it.)

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