TGIF: Thoughts for the Weekend

I know, I know… things have been pretty quiet here, this week. But that’s only because I’ve been writing elsewhere!

First, I started two new freelance articles for LearnVest (the first of which should be up in early March). Then my good friend Carrie asked me to rewrite the post about how I started budgeting for her to share on the Debt Movement blog. Finally, I started brainstorming post ideas for the next two months for my own blog. With less than six weeks left in Toronto, I want to spend less time writing and more time seeing my friends here. If that means mapping out post ideas and making Sunday the only day I write, so be it.

Aside from all the writing, a couple of other cool things happened this week. On Tuesday, the first interview I did for the Toronto Star was finally posted online (only 5 months later, haha). And on Thursday I was lucky enough to get a couple hours off work so I could attend a luncheon keynote addressed by Peter Aceto, CEO of ING DIRECT Canada. You can expect a recap post next week but for now I will say that Peter should be an inspiration to anyone in a leadership role. It was also great to see the ING team again, as well as chat with both Adam Mayers (Toronto Star) and Ashleigh Patterson (Yahoo! Finance Canada).

Finally, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but I did get to witness a couple of things yesterday that made even my little heart melt. From an old man giving his wife chocolates on the subway, before sneaking in a quick kiss, to a friend receiving a picture of someone holding a cut-out heart with “Be My Valentine?” written on it, to reading this tear-jerker, it was hard to hold back a smile all day. It also gave me flashbacks of some of my favourite Valentine’s Day dates, including one where one of my exes and I just laid on a dock, gazed at the stars and talked for hours. I miss being able to see the stars… (39 sleeps until I’m home!)

It’s a three-day weekend here in Ontario and I don’t have many plans, other than to finish up some freelance work, write a couple posts for the blog, and go for a hike with Jaime Stein. Once I get my writing all done, I’m going to crack open the Nikon D3100 I bought with the Best Buy gift card I won before Christmas. Oh, and I can’t forget about my Skype date with the fam on Sunday, to celebrate Baby Sis’ 19th birthday! (Crazy!)

How was your week? Any big plans for this weekend?

  • Thanks for the link to my article over at the Debt Movement site, Cait! I’m going to spend the weekend enjoying time with my family, as I’m likely headed to Austin, Texas for work next week. Enjoy your three day weekend!

  • A wonderful week of having my boss deciding that I am extremely smart and capable, which resulted in a large project, with equipment I’ve never worked with before, coming my way. I’m flattered, really, but maybe next time he could include an instruction manual? This weekend I am doing nothing. It’s going to be great!

  • The boyfriend took today off (he had some OT hours racked up yay for time in lieu) so he’s got a 4 day weekend. We’re doing the running around today to avoid the Saturday craziness. Also going to play pool this afternoon because it’s cheaper on a weekday afternoon then at night or on the weekend.

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