Weekly Spending Report

I don’t really want to talk about this week’s spending. Basically, my entire monthly budget is shot. We’ll just leave it at that.

How was your week?

No spend day!

-$75.42 Roomie’s birthday
-$6.10 Starbucks

+$100 Freelance Income
+$30 Email Money Transfer
-$19.19 Liberty Shwarma

-$300 dentist

-$31 night out / Lady Gaga concert

-$15.99 Magic Oven

-$24.67 School (Brunch)
-$27.11 groceries

Total Out: -$499.48 (Only -$369.48 if you include what I brought in.)

  • Just keep doing the best you can. Just remember just because this week has been bad spending wise doesn’t mean the rest of the month has to be bad.

    Also can you recoup any of the dentist cost through insurance?

  • Hey lady, I’m sorry to hear that you had an unexpected week with expenses. I want to remind you that what, like a year and a half ago, a $300 dental expense would have meant much worse than a shot budget — you would not have had room on your credit card or savings to cover it. So even though this sucks, I want to point out to you how far you have come. Much love. xo.

    • You are so thoughtful. Thanks for the reminder, Deena. It’s still tough to choke down, because a year and a half ago I had benefits that would’ve covered most of that… and I’m expecting another $300+ bill next week… but that’s a consequence of giving up a job with full benefits, I guess. Anyway, appreciate your comment as always. xo

      • Cait,
        You are where I was a couple of years ago. Keep it going! I guarantee the feeling of being debt free is unmatched. I am debt free and self-employed without benefits. Now is the time, as your debt is winding down, to start making a cushion. Get used to diverting some of what you pay to your debt to the ‘cushion’. You will need this in your daily account for the unexpected bills that arrive like root canals or an unexpected leave of absence from work. I had to take an unexpectedly long unpaid ‘holiday’ after Christmas and lost two weeks of income. With some creative budgeting and my cushion I was able to make it through without going to the plastic, my savings accounts, TFSAs or eating rice and KD. My account was still lightly padded when all was said and done. It takes a couple of months to rebuild the cushion there will always be a bit of spare cash for those random and aggravating budget busters which seems to crop up with alarming regularity. Chin up!

        • Thanks for the advice, Angela! I’m definitely still saving, while paying down debt… even though I’d love to wipe out my debt a month or two sooner, saving is just as important. Happy Friday!

  • I agree that not having benefits sucks, but having benefits also sucks as well. I hate seeing how much I pay in deductions and all the limitations that come with them. Sometimes I wonder if it’s actually worth it in the long run.

    • It’d be an interesting thing to look back on, that’s for sure. I would say it’s worth it, though, especially when it comes time to paying for big things like your kids’ braces, etc.

  • We aren’t doing that hot either. We have pretty much spent all of our fun money for the month and so we will probably be sitting at home the next few weekends. I am still planning to put all of J’s income in savings so we won’t have it available to spend!

    Chin up C! We have $700 worth of maintenance on our car due next month. Yay. I swear, every year after we get our tax money back, we end up having to put money into the car. Very annoying. But at least we HAVE the money to do so! (Just like you & the dentist!)

    • We had such good January’s! What the heck is going on with us this month, lol.

      Sorry to hear about the car maintenance, A. It’s unfortunate that something so seemingly “necessary” is so freaking expensive.

      And I did/didn’t have the money for the dentist… that’s coming out of savings. Womp womp.

  • I saw your article on LearnVest and wanted to check out your blog. My husband and I are working to pay down debt this year so come next year we will only have student loans and the house to focus on. I’m a big fan of budgeting and am always looking for new ways to do it. Love your blog!

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