TGIF: Thoughts for the Weekend

I have had a lot on my mind this week; so much so that I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I’m lucky if I can fall asleep before 1am and am grateful if I can sleep in past 4:45am. Lying in the dark for too long can be either meditative or make you go stir crazy. Unfortunately, I feel like I’m going a little crazy. I keep starting new blog posts and getting stuck after writing the tenth word. So, rather than write something fun, I thought I’d share where I’d been all week.

Aside from being exhausted by this new form of insomnia, it’s been a great week. The university I just finished my degree at listed Blonde on a Budget as one of their featured alumnus blogs. Rob Carrick picked up my bridesmaid post in his Wednesday roundup. And then The Globe and Mail contacted me about shooting a video that shows some of the ways I save money (which we are doing next week). Oh, and I threw $500 on my debt. That was fun, too!

This weekend, I’m taking the train to Burlington to spend Saturday with Melissa. Other than that, I want to try to relax as much as possible. My goals for the weekend are to:

  • Buy a tea infuser for the David’s Tea I got for Christmas
  • Watch a couple episodes of Sons of Anarchy
  • Start reading Tina Fey’s book Bossypants
  • Take a hot bubble bath
  • Get some darn sleep!

What do you have planned for this weekend?

  • Hey Cait!

    Hope you are able to relax and recharge this weekend! When I have trouble sleeping I use my “yoga breathing” and it always seems to help. I literally breathe in and out deep and slow while counting to 5 (count of 5 in, then count of 5 out, repeat) … I think it’s the diverted focus that helps me fall asleep.

    My weekend is going to be short and sweet! Saturday lunch with parents and grandparents, dinner is an informal wedding reception, then early to bed because I work at 5am Sunday.

    Have a good one!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Dayle! I have gotten about 8 hours/night, so far this weekend… starting to feel a bit like my normal self again. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • It’s interesting to read about your sleeping difficulties, Cait, because just recently I too had a bout of that. I decided to check online to see what remedies that I could find on the subject and came up with this link (which seems so far to have worked for me):

    And as to my weekend plans, well I intend to continue with my “house de-cluttering” project, which I started after my recent retirement. Man, I am truly amazed on how much crapola that we’ve accumulated over the years !!! :-)

    Enjoy your weekend and be sure to get some zzzz’s :-)

    • Ha! I can only imagine how long it would take to declutter years worth of stuff. Hope you’re getting on with that!

  • I just got really excited to read you were going to Burlington this weekend, because I am too! And then I remembered that there is a Burlington, Vermont and a Burlington, Ontario. Dammit.

  • I believe there is some tea (a few different types actually) that you can drink before going to bed, and it supposed to help you to fall asleep. However, I never tried it myself, so I am not sure if it actually works. I guess you have a lot on your mind and it might keep you from sleeping. Sons of Anarchy is not a relaxing show! :)
    Huge congrats on all exciting things!

    • Darn. I went to the grocery store and completely forgot to look for Sleepytime Tea. It really works! Oh well. Thanks, Aloysa!

    • Au contraire, Anne, I find that I have 10 free accesses to the Globe and Mail’s web site before their paywall goes up. And I’m not sure if that’s 10 free accesses “per month” or not since in the recent past I’ve accessed their site, then later been blocked, but then the following month had 10 more free accesses again. I suggest that you try it out for yourself, if interested.

      • Ya… it seems to work strangely from my end. I think it has something to do with how IPs are assigned at my job. Sometimes it can be the 2nd and I can’t access things and then a week later I can. (It’s also not due to whether or not the link was shared via social media.)
        Plus, I disagree with their pricing strategy and was going to sign up, but then the cost was well beyond my willingness to pay. Sans readership, I can hope that they will reevaluate their price point based on supply and demand. :-)

        • I never would sign up for a site using a pay wall (and be obliged to pay a fee) when I usually can easily access the same information articles on other free sites simply by Google searching for it using key words or article description titles.

  • Congrats on all the exciting stuff going on lately. Hopefully this weekend brings some relief.

    I have been having the same problem sleeping at night, and on top of that when I finally do fall asleep my daughter wakes up. A girlfriend of mine had given me some stuff called Nite Lite a while back and I had not tried it, but I finally gave in and I am not kidding you I fell asleep right away and even when I do get up in the middle of the night I fall back to sleep with no problem. If you are up late one night google it or you can go here to check it out

    Also bonus I have lost 3 lbs since i started using it.

    Anyway it has helped me so I though maybe you would like to look into it.

    • Thanks, Christine! For the congrats and the info. I take melatonin sometimes, but I don’t usually like to take anything during the week, because I have to get up so early. Will look into this, though!

  • Oooh that sounds like the perfect weekend! And lots of great things happened this week- congrats! Hope you get some sleep and have a great weekend!

  • I haven’t been sleeping well, either. Either I am too old to work out at night or I am too old to drink coffee after lunch if I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour. That is sad news.

    It is a three day weekend for me, and I plan on being very indulgent with myself- sleeping in, reading whatever I please, baking, etc. It’s my last weekend without too much course work hanging over my head- I’m going to enjoy the feeling of freedom while it lasts!

  • I slept in today for the first time in a long while and was just staring at the ceiling in our bedroom but rather enjoyed that 30 minutes of my-time where I can think. Sorry to hear you are struggling with your sleep. Sounds like you have some exciting upcoming adventures with your blog so that must be a positive for you. Nothing better than people recognizing the hard work that you do. Keep smiling mate! Mr.CBB

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