Weekly Spending Report

This week, most of my spending went towards groceries and public transportation, with a couple meals out on the weekend. Before going out on Saturday, I felt like my weekly spending had been pretty minimal – and while that’s not exactly wrong, I decided to put all of this week’s and last week’s spending in my monthly budget, to see how much I had left in certain categories.

Guess how much of my $100 restaurant budget is left for this month? $21.80 – that’s it! I’ve already spent $78.20 on dining out this month, and it’s only the 13th. Hello, wake up call. The good news is I still have $107.20 left for groceries, $50 for entertainment, $43.02 for personal care and $23 for misc./cash. But still! The dining out has got to stop.

No spend day!

-$3.21 Sobeys
-$15.63 groceries

-$4.67 Sobeys
-$26.50 TTC tokens

-$4.67 Sobeys

-$10.16 Liberty Shwarma

-$30 Mildred’s Temple

-$35.99 groceries

Total Out: -$130.83

  • Why do you eat out so often? Is it with your mates you head out for dinner/lunch? Maybe you can all pitch in for groceries and cook at one of your places to cut costs. That way you still get to hang out with your mates. Eating out can add up so fast especially with the high overhead costs of restaurants which comes down to the customer. Add in a tip and that’s one heck of a meal. You still have plenty in your budget for groceries this month but glad to hear you realized something has to change. That’s the first step in making budget magic happen- The numbers! Keep at it my friend. Mr.CBB

    • I wouldn’t say I eat out “so often”; it only takes 2-3 meals for the numbers to add up. But I do it because it’s really the only form of entertainment that I allow myself to budget for. I don’t shop, I don’t go out for drinks, etc., so I eat once in a while. Isn’t that part of getting to know a new city, too? :)

  • I think it is great that you get to eat out so frequently as long as you are meeting your other budget goals. I love to eat out or get take out. No dishes and no cooking are worth every penny.

    I have to cut back on eating out. I have shaved everything from my budget that I can and the only real waste is take out. I need to get that under control and the rest of the budget will be easy.

    If only chinese, vietnamese and McD’s wasn’t so fast and fabulous tasting.

    • Oh, I definitely agree with you about Vietnamese food. I could eat Pho every single day and never get sick of it.

  • Hi Cait,
    I guess you leave yourself open to criticism when you post your expenditures on a personal finance blog, but I find it really irritating when people harp on about the cost of eating out. Eating at home is cheaper….but groceries cost a lot, especially for a single person and if the food doesn’t get eaten according to plan, it goes to waste. Sometimes it just costs less to buy a sandwich for lunch, thanit does to shop for a whole week and and not use the groceries as originally anticipated.

    If you were still broke I could understand some criticism, but the truth is you aren’t. You have made fantastic progress so far. It’s always amusing to read some some holier-than-thou type telling you what to spend your money on. Next they will be advising you to cook and freeze giant batches of gruel to see you through the winter. This is not realistic advice for a young woman living in a new city, wanting to explore and make new friends.

    I used to feel guilty eating out (1-2x/wk)….but it’s something that I enjoy and look forward too. My boyfriend and I save a good amount of money every month and it is not preventing us from reaching our financial goals.
    As long as you are accomplishing your goal of paying down debt and building savings, you have no one to answer too about your disposable income.

    All the best to you, I’m sure you will accomplish your 2013 goal of becoming debt-free : )

    • What a fantastic comment, Lisa! Thank you for everything you’ve said here. I don’t feel bad at all for eating out, I just wish I hadn’t used up my budget so early in the month. ;)

      But every meal has been delicious and, for that, I am thankful! (It sucks when you try a new place and you don’t like the food or service.)

      Debt repayment is still my #1 goal but, as you said, I’m in a new city! The only way to enjoy it is to try new things with new friends. So far, it’s all good. :)

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