Weekly Spending Report

One of my goals for this year is to track every single penny that goes in and out of my hands. I would love for all of my budgets to be filled in (and accurate) at the end of each month, so I can finish the year with an annual budget that shows what I spent/saved/invested in 2013.

When I got home on Tuesday night, catching up on sleep was more important than meal planning. For less than $5/day, I picked up soup and a side salad at Sobeys for lunch, and grabbed $4 of fruit to snack on as well. All in all, it was a great first week back in the city!

-$13.43 food on my flight home

-$4.76 Second Cup
-$4.94 Sobeys

-$2.10 Starbucks
-$8.51 Sobeys
-$31.88 groceries
-$26.50 TTC tokens

-$4.68 Sobeys

No spend day!

-$18 breakfast at Hazel’s Diner

Total Out: -$114.80

  • I’m glad to hear you are going to track every penny this year. We did that last year and the year before and it has helped us to save enough to pay the house off. Well not all in 2 years but that last chunk of it yes. I have to ask.. what does $18 for breakfast get you? Keep up the hard work mate.. this will be your year! Mr.CBB

    • Hey, Mr. CBB! $18 gets me a big omelette, home fries, toast and coffee. Plus a tip (and good company). At some point, you will notice that it’s really the only meal I eat out for, other than the odd lunch. :)

  • Only one trip to Starbucks so far! How hard is it to avoid it? I know it’s one of your vices as you’ve mentioned in the past. My vice is definitely eating out. I am going to try to rein that in this year. We don’t seem to go out THAT much, but it adds up so quickly! This weekend we avoided going out to eat at all, which hasn’t happened in ages and ages. Usually the weekend is where we blow all of our money.

    • Well, I went today, but only because I got a $20 gift card as a Secret Santa gift… eek! So, it’s not going very well, haha. But I’m proud of you for not eating out this weekend! You guys should make that a monthly challenge: spend a weekend hanging around the house, cooking and eating good food. Mmm…

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