Update: December 2012 Budget & Goals

Update: December 2012 Budget & Goals

Well, we’re finally here, friends: the last day of 2012. And, unfortunately, I’m seeing a whole lot of red!

Nothing about this month’s budget really surprises me, except that I stopped tracking my spending this past week in Victoria, so I’m making a bit of a guestimate there. I do know how much money was in my chequing account when I got here, and how much I have leftover, so we’ll go with that (yikes).

Before looking at the red, let’s talk about the black. I paid off $500 of debt this month, bringing my total down to exactly -$6,500! I also saved $500. My original plan for this month was to put 17.5% of my budget towards debt repayment and another 17.5% into savings. With my overages in other areas, I only ended up putting 15% towards both (so 30% total). I’m still happy with that.

In the red, most of the numbers are small, except for my two trips. NYC ended up costing me more because a) I finally bought a pair of boots and b) I did a little clothes shopping. And if you follow me in Instagram, you may already know what I did a lot of in Victoria: eating out. Oh, and I got my hair done too. (I’m super blonde now!)

Ok, so the numbers aren’t great. Let’s see how my monthly goals shaped up.

Other goals for this month:

  • Track my spending and continue posting weekly spending reports – FAIL! I stopped tracking in my second week at home in Victoria.
  • Continue counting calories on Lose It! – FAIL! But I decided to stop doing this, on purpose. I’ve been counting calories for almost an entire year and have a pretty good idea of how much food is too much food now.
  • Workout 3x per week – FAIL! I did workout 7x this month, though, which is much better than my last few months.
  • Soak up every minute of my time in NYC and Victoria – PASS :D

I could easily focus on how much red I’m seeing in this post but the fact is I had an amazing month. I got to cross something off my bucket list, spend time with family and friends, and really enjoy myself. And not a single penny of it is stuck in credit card debt.

Happy New Year, everyone! How did your month (and year) finish up?

  • Given this time of year, Cait, I would say that your numbers actually look quite reasonable. What you overspent in trips was more than made up for, in my opinion, in priceless long lasting memories!

    My last month and year just ending were a a bit of a mixed bag – some pretty good (retirement, investment gains), some not so good (more recent health issues). All under control, I’m happy to say.

    I figure 2013 should prove to be “interesting” – the world didn’t come to an end (as some had predicted) but the U.S. Financial Cliff might be an issue of concern.

    And so it goes because as I like to say:
    You can’t worry about the past (just learn from it). You can’t worry about the future (just plan for it). All you can do is live in the present, one day at a time, and make the most of it.

    Happy New Year Cait !!!

    • I’m happy to hear your health issues are under control, Rob. Hope you’re alright. And thank you for sharing that saying – I love it. Happy New Year, friend!

  • I think everyone should get a pass in December, Cait! And you still made some awesome progress. My husband and I just discussed our December budget (we went over in a few areas also!), and I think in future years we’d like to be able to splurge in December. All other times of the year, we’re pretty strict, but I like the idea of having a little extra cash for fun and gifts at Christmastime!

    • I wonder if I’ll ever learn to save for Christmas all year, so splurging doesn’t seem to make my monthly budget so tight though? Maybe this year… ;)

  • Given that you went on two trips during the same month that also encompasses Christmas, I’d say you did pretty darn well! Your savings in groceries cancels out your slight splurging in the restaurant category (I wish mine did that right now!) You’ve done incredible this year Cait, and I wish you all the best in 2013!

  • You didn’t do all the bad mate considering your trip to New York. I’m sure 2013 will be the best year yet for you with all the knowledge you have learned about yourself this past year. Happy New Year mate. Mr.CBB

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