Christmas in New York: Day 3 of 3 – Part 1

This is the third post in a four-post series about my trip to New York City. You can read about Day 1, Day 2 and Part 2 of Day 3 here.

On Sunday morning, I woke up stiff and sore. But that didn’t stop me, or either of the girls, from jumping out of bed, showering, and heading out for our third and final full day in the city. The one thing we didn’t cross off on our “south of 25th” day was Chelsea Market. This is where our final day began.

Sunday Morning in Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market was like nothing I had ever seen before. I’ve been to other markets with small shops, fish markets, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. but Chelsea Market was so beautifully decorated, I would’ve been happy to stay there all day.

Walking Through Chelsea Market

After doing a quick walk through, to see all of our options, we walked back towards the main entrance and grabbed a New York bagel (extra chewy), espresso with milk (from “Jake Gyllenhaal goes there” as a salesperson at another store told us after) and cupcakes and macarons for our walk along High Line Park.

Sweets at Chelsea Market

While chewing, chewing, chewing away, I couldn’t help but do a little people watching. What I loved most about Chelsea Market was the mix of both locals meeting for brunch and wide-eyed tourists looking for whatever each shop had to offer. There were hugs and smiles, and chatter in languages I had never heard before. When we were done, we walked through the shops, looking at everything in greater detail, before heading out into the pouring rain. Oh, did I forget that part? It rained all day on Sunday…

Spices in the Market

After walking around in somewhat of a circle, we finally found stairs leading up to High Line Park. It could have been the rain but, honestly, I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Don’t get me wrong – it was cool to see how train tracks were turned into a walking path, with small gardens and seats to boot. And maybe it looks better in the spring/summer, when the gardens are green and the sun is out. But if I were to visit NYC in the winter again, I wouldn’t bother heading out that far east just for High Line Park.

High Line Park

Since we had finally crossed everything off our “south of 25th” list, it was time to head up “north”. From High Line, we walked over to 6th Ave. and hopped on the subway up to Times Square. Just getting off the subway, I started to smell the most putrid scent that I think has ever entered my nose. I can still remember it, but I can’t quite figure out what it was. A mix of urine, cigarettes, gasoline and… something. Garbage, maybe? It was disgusting.

Times Square

After walking maybe a block, I came to a very easy assumption: I’m guessing no one who lives in New York City ever goes to Times Square. It was impossible to move, without being pushed, stepped on, or getting separated from the people you were with. And it’s nobody’s fault – the streets are just that jam-packed with tourists. To escape the madness (and the rain), we did a little shopping at LOFT. The store was having a 50% off everything sale, so I picked up a pair of leggings and three tops for just under $80.

Times Square

In Times Square, we found the second TKTX box office, and the girls decided they wanted to see a matinee (Avenue Q, which they later gave rave reviews). But I wasn’t done all of the sight-seeing I had wanted to do, so we parted ways and agreed to meet at Bryant Park shortly after 5pm.

From Times Square, I walked 1 block east and 18 blocks north to Central Park. The first thing I noticed was the long row of horses. I absolutely hate this industry (we have the same thing in Victoria) but I decided to snap a pic of this cutie (trying to get out of the puddle!?).

Carriage Rides Await

I noticed two girls were walking in the same direction I was, discussing which parts of the park they wanted to see, so I joined their conversation and we walked to the closest skating rink together. I’m not much of a skater but, if I were, this is where I would’ve skated. There were no lines, it was quiet, and everyone was laughing, seemingly having a good time.

Skating in Central Park

From there, the girls wished me a happy holiday and headed more north, so I let my eyes take me towards anything that looked beautiful or interesting. (Does the hotel in the background look familiar? That’s the Plaza Hotel and it’s where Kevin McCallister stayed in Home Alone 2. And yes, I’m a dork for knowing that.)

Bridge Over the Pond
Over the Bridge

At this point, the rain was coming down harder and my shoes and socks were soaked right through (because I stupidly only brought TOMS with me). I decided to leave the park and head east, in search of a place I could go inside and put my feet up.

Traffic from the Upper East Side

And where did I find myself but Serendipity 3…

To be continued!

  • Excellent pics, Cait. Wish that I was there along with you to enjoy the sights and sounds and tastes (those Chelsea Market sweets have made me hungry) :-)

  • Looks like you had a great trip from your posts so far!

    I went to the high line with Leslie Beslie and Money Maus this past summer. It was absolutely stunning then and I was shocked by the photo you posted! I’m the summer there was a ton of great people watching, plus great, quirky food vendors (like gourmet, organic popsickles from a little cart). If you are ever back in the warmer weather, don’t discount it, I swear!

    Can’t wait to read the rest. :)

    • Oh no, I would definitely check it out in the spring/summer. But never again in the winter, haha. PS, wish I could’ve joined you ladies then! I bet you had a blast together.

  • i have really enjoyed looking at your photo’s,thank you!i would so love to have a Xmas in NYC!you are so lucky!have a lovely time!i’m in Adelaide,it’s going to be 40 degrees here! Happy Xmas!

  • I’m glad I read Deena’s comment because I was about to say, “Glad I never went to High Line Park!” If I go to NYC again in the spring/summer, I’ll give it a shot.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Times Square. We went just to experience it, but it was dead last on the list of things I enjoyed about NYC. Too many chains, too many people, and you’re so right about the smell! I figured it was garbage, but whatever it is, it’s disgusting.

    I also hate the horse-drawn carriage industry. I read articles before heading to NYC about the poor treatment of the horses, so Mom and I skipped that one. But I also snapped a picture of a cute horse on the road (and of some cutie cops on horses in Times Square!). Can’t wait to read the last installment!

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