Weekly Spending Report

I consider this week a huge success. Sure, I only had two no spend days, but I meal planned, bought a pound of coffee for home, and got almost all of my Christmas shopping done!

This weekend was also my last in Toronto, for rest of the year. I’m happy to say I spent it shopping with Roomie and checking out the Christmas Market in the Distillery District with a couple coworkers. Next weekend, I’ll be in NYC! And the weekend after that, I’ll be home for the holidays.

-$31.45 groceries
-$26 TTC tokens

-$4.20 stamps
-$4.27 Second Cup

-$24.61 Bull & Firkin

No spend day!

-$17.75 Starbucks

-$93.63 gifts
-$28.25 Old Navy
-$4.96 IKEA
-$39.18 Loblaws
-$31.36 Christmas Market

No spend day!

Total Out: -$305.66

  • “Next weekend, I’ll be in NYC! And the weekend after that, I’ll be home for the holidays.”

    What better way to enjoy the holiday season, eh Cait? Hope you have a really great time with friends and family.

  • You’re going to have so much fun in NYC! I hope you share photos here. Even though I’m not crazy about the cold, I’d love to visit during Christmastime. If it’s magical in May, it’s gotta be out of this world in December.

    I also really enjoyed your Twitter pics of Christmas decorations around Toronto. Looks like you’re really taking advantage of exploring your new town! That’s great! :)

    • I will definitely share photos! I left my digital camera in Victoria, so I’ll only have my iPhone… but I’m hoping I can get some decent pics on it.

      And I’m trying to! I want to take advantage of being somewhere new, by trying to get out and do as much as I can. On a budget, of course. ;)

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