Update: November 2012 Budget & Goals

Update: November 2012 Budget & Goals

Looking back at my November budget post, I remember how excited I felt about the thought of a new month – and now all I’m seeing is red! Before you see red too, remember this: I got an unexpected vacation payout from my last job, this month, which helped me put a little extra on my debt, pay for a flight to NYC and do some shopping too.

My original plan for this month was to put 31.5% of my budget towards debt repayment and 17.5% into savings. With my overages in other areas, I only ended up putting 30% towards my debt and 15% into savings. But I also paid for a few Christmas presents and bought myself a new pillow and some warmer sweaters for winter.

Ready to see a little more red? Let’s see how many of my goals I didn’t cross off my list this month! :P

Other goals for this month:

  • Track my spending and continue posting weekly spending reports – PASS!
  • Join GoodLife Fitness – FAIL! You all know about that.
  • Continue counting calories on Lose It! – PASS! I ate an average of 1,388.8 calories per day. I don’t have a scale but I’m finally wearing my next next size down jeans. And those new sweaters I bought? They were one size down too.
  • Workout at least 3x per week – FAIL! Stating the obvious!

Ok, so maybe I was being too hard on myself. That’s about a 50/50 split, for pass/fail! (And did I mention I’ve officially paid off more than $21,000 of debt now!?)

How did your month finish up?

  • Yes Cait, I do think that you are being a tad too hard on yourself.

    I challenge anyone out there who can say that they managed – in a single month – to pay almost half of their total net income into debt repayment and savings. I for one have never been able to accomplish that (especially around this time of the year leading up to Christmas) ! So congratulations. Remember Cait – always consider the glass to be half full, not half empty. You’ll gradually knock off those other goals, no worries.

    As for my month, being newly retired, I’m still working out the kinks on my new retirement budget, given that I am no longer receiving employment income but rather living off of my investment income and gov’t income. But all in all I’m making it work, although (sadly) I didn’t win the $550M Powerball lottery the other day ! :-)

  • I’m about to find out, I haven’t done up my month end numbers just yet! Personally, I think you did pretty good. You were shy of your savings goal by 2.5%, and shy of your debt repayment goal by 1.5%. Either way, you put 45% of you income towards bettering your financial position. That’s nothing to sneeze at! You rocked November!

  • I know I went over budget on personal expenses. You’re still settling into your new surroundings and you’re figuring things out. Congrats on the debt repayment! You’re getting closer to zero.

  • AH, don’t be so hard on yourself my mate Cait… ha ( sorry that was super dorky) anyhow. Budgets are meant to go up and down all we need to do is see where we can improve and work that much harder the next month. We tend to overspend in our misc category every month (including this one) so we are working to get that down. That’s awesome you are losing some weight, congrats to you!!! Keep it up!! Mr. CBB

  • The first step to getting out of debt is having a budget. It’s great that you are keeping track of where your money is going. Since you are doing that, I am sure you will succeed. I wish you well on your endeavors.

  • It looks like you’re doing great! And I love that you’re evaluating your progress based on your food tracking and how clothes fit instead of the number on the scale! I know from personal experience that it’s much too easy to get caught up on that number and forget all the important non-scale victories that come with getting fit.

    And 45% to savings and debt! Great work! :-D I’m so proud of you for all your progress.

    • Well, there’s a number I’d love to hit… but buying smaller clothes offers a form of gratification that the scale just can’t. Thanks for your support, Katie! xo

  • I for one think you did really well this month! 33,000.00 words written, 30% to debt and 15% to savings. You’ll have your debt paid off in no time if you keep this up. Give yourself a break and be proud of what you DID do :)

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