Weekly Spending Report

I have to stop doing two weeks’ worth of spending reports at once! This looks incredibly scary.

At a quick glance, I can see a couple of problems with my spending: 1) I’m obsessed with Starbucks’ holiday drinks and 2) last week, I sucked at meal planning. I’ve already made sure these patterns won’t be repeated this week, by buying enough groceries (including almond milk for office coffee) to get me to next weekend.

The one thing I did do for myself this weekend was buy a few things that have been on my wishlist since I got here. First, I bought my favourite memory foam pillow from Costco. Then I bought a couple warmer sweaters, slippers, gloves and a toque, as well as some hand cream for my purse (the cold air is making my hands extremely dry).

While the total amount spent over the last two weeks seems huge, 43% of that was put towards debt, with another 12% going into two of my savings accounts. And then there’s all the money I’m wasting on TTC tokens. Bleh.

No spend day!

Vacation Payout!

-$4.80 Starbucks

Pay Day!
-$705 Debt
-$100 Emergency Fund
-$100 Future Apartment
-$245.45 flight to NYC

-$13 TTC tokens
-$5.20 Starbucks
-$12.98 Green Papaya

-$42.30 Panago

-$19.20 Winners
-$4.15 Starbucks

-$13 TTC tokens
-$5.65 Sobeys

-$25 Starbucks

-$7.11 Ajimi Sushi
-$39.39 groceries
-$26 TTC tokens

-$7.32 Sobeys
-$40 night out at the movies

-$3 Tim Horton’s
-$4.68 Sobeys

-$4.92 Starbucks
-$70 Costco
-$18.07 Hothouse Cafe

-$19.95 Smith Restaurant
-$73.40 H&M
-$13.56 The Body Shop
-$19.80 groceries
-$26 TTC tokens

Total Out: -$1,668.93

  • My monthly spending is going to look pretty scary too. But we’ve got plans to keep ourselves from repeating our mistakes, and that’s all that matters! :) Way to go on the debt payments! You’re doing great!

    • Thanks! Yea, I know December’s budget will be a little crazy too, with trips to both NYC and Victoria… but cutting back on coffee and takeout in Toronto before that should be easy.

  • No worries, Cait. You’ll eventually get the the hang of this budgeting stuff ! :-)

    One observation about coffee drinking – I find that it costs less to drink my fave coffee by buying it by the tin and then brewing it myself at home, rather than by buying it by the individual cup serving at the coffee place. Thus I’m not subsidizing the built-in costs (coffee server labour, coffee place rent, profit margin, etc. ). The savings tends to slowly add up over time.

    Other than that minor issue, you don’t seem to be spending frivolously at all so keep up the good work.

    • When I started my new job, I actually got the office to setup a French press, coffee, cream, etc. so that we can make it here. We all take turns buying stuff and save a lot of money doing so. But the holiday drinks at Starbucks are what sucked me in… no more from now until NYC!

    • I just forgot to post a report last week, but I didn’t want to skip any so I posted both at once… super scary to look at!

  • Why are you spending so much on TTC tokens? You do know that they have a weekly pass that you can get for $37.50 if you know that you are going to be moving around a lot during the week. You spent $52 on tokens in four days! Unfortunately they are increasing the price of tokens and passes for 2013.

    Bookmarked your site a long time ago, nice to see that you’ve paid off a bunch of debt.

    • Hi Merman,

      I buy tokens for days ahead of time. I probably only use 10-12 ($26-30.60) of them each week, so it’s not worth buying a weekly pass. And I’m buying tokens vs. a pass because I lost my November pass earlier this month.

      Thanks for your comment.

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