Weekly Spending Report

Remember how I said this week was a real eye-opener for me? Well, I feel a little sick about it. Yes, some of this came out of my Victoria budget. And yes, I finally had breakfast and coffee with online friends I’ve been waiting to meet. But I’m still not happy with the final total.

Challenge for this week: no Starbucks, no takeout, and pack all lunches and snacks. It should be relatively easy, since I’ll probably be spending all my spare time in front of my new MacBook Pro! (Hooray for grad money!)

-$5.32 Starbucks
-$14.50 Noodle Box
-$48.69 The Green Kiss
-$4.65 Starbucks
-$3.92 Thrifty Foods

No spend day!

-$7.95 food at the airport
-$42.94 Magic Oven
-$124.04 Apple Store

-$4.83 Sobeys

-$7.79 Sobeys
-$10.06 Liberty Shawarma

-$20 Bonjour Brioche
-$38.06 groceries

-$7.06 Balzac’s
-$11.12 groceries
-$17.95 Starbucks

Total Out: -$368.88

  • Looks do able! The only thing I would suggest is maybe cutting out one thing at a time, such as Starbucks or eating out, but maybe not all at the same time? I just know I tend to rebound if I do it like that. Good luck Cait!

    • Yea, it’s been difficult walking by Starbucks every morning and not walking in, haha… especially now that peppermint mocha’s are back! Maybe I’ll treat myself to one next week. :)

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