Weekly Spending Report

Last week was a classic example of what happens when I don’t do any meal planning. By Tuesday, I was buying soup (and snacks) for lunch everyday. On Wednesday, I bought a medium pizza for dinner; it did last for three dinners in a row, but it’s obviously not the healthiest option.

On Saturday, I flew home to Victoria and spent the weekend with family and friends. I’m still here for two more days, and I will go over my original $100 budget for this trip, but a number of my other budgets will be under.

Pay Day!

-$6.20 Sobeys

-$3.45 Sobeys
-$14.69 Panagos

-$4.83 Sobeys

-$7.52 Shaw (Final Bill)
-$5.20 Sobeys

-$10.64 Starbucks

-$21.31 Cabin 12 (Breakfast)
-$40 haircut
-$20 gas

Total Out: -$133.84

  • Here’s your test buddy checking in again, Cait :-)

    The other day I re-subscribed to your blog, thinking that this might solve the problem, but I have to report that I still am not receiving any email alerts when you are posting new blog entries. :-(

      • Cait, I’m a tad confused here (so what else is new, eh? lol) because I thought I read earlier where you were moving off WordPress on to a self hosting site. Did you not go that route?

        • Yes. But I’m still using WordPress. I moved my WordPress blog to a self-hosted site. WordPress still helps you with things.

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