Weekly Spending Report

This week, I got to eat a number of delicious meals all over the city. From the Trio Beet & Goat Cheese Salad at Lil Baci’s in Davisville, to Belgian waffles at Le Petit Déjeuner on King Street East, every bite was good and I don’t regret a penny spent.

Who did I dine with? Three friends I met at Royal Roads University! One was in town from Victoria and we walked all over the city until we found The Gabardine (Bay/Richmond). And the other two both live just outside of the city and came in for brunch.

No spend day!

-$5.67 Sobeys

No spend day!

-$13 Lil Baci’s
-$3.67 Second Cup
-$40.10 The Gabardine

-$112.43 cell phone
-$8.50 Sushi Supreme

-$19.48 Le Petit Déjeuner
-$26.85 Shoppers Drug Mart

-$26.04 groceries

Total In: $0
Total Out: -$252.07

    • Yea! I can’t say I plan on spending $40 often, for a dinner out, but the food was good… I can’t deny that!

  • I have been where you are now and in fact still there, with many years ahead of me clearing debts. Worse part is it wasn’t even me that relegated me to this debt ridden life, but a selfish partner that just wanted, used the joint card but left me with the problem.
    That’s life and I wasn’t an angel, but like you reformed myself. So I take inspiration from your story and reformed myself so much I even advise others in a similar mess. At least I can say I felt it, so I think I’m qualified. But none of that is important now its future habits that will liberate me.
    It seems like you’ve had a slightly more indulgent week than usual but hey why not, at least you haven’t gone overboard. We have to have a little escape sometimes as it’s an uphill road and we need a few breathers on the way. Being in debt should not mean the end of all life but a sensible approach to the future.
    Once I stopped the cycle of borrowing to pay debt, I think that was the first stage to recovery. That’s always the first thing I try and convince people I advise. From then on progress may be small sometimes, but at least its progress. Jealous of your treats though.

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