October 2012 Budget & Goals

October 2012 Budget & Goals

How is it already October!? Seriously.

Well, another month means another budget and a new set of goals. This budget is obviously somewhat of a test, as I don’t know what my exact expenses will look like in Toronto. I think I’ll be able to stay close to most of this, based on my first two weeks here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I went over in a few areas.

First, you might notice that my personal care budget is much higher than usual; that’s because I need to go shopping for a new pair of boots, this month. My restaurant budget is also on the higher end, because I want to be able to try some restaurants in the city. Finally, I have a small budget for my quick trip home to Victoria in a few weeks (the flight is already covered).

One expense I haven’t budgeted for yet is a gym membership. I’m very slowly catching up to my new time zone, so I haven’t been able to force myself out of bed for any early morning #pfworkouts yet. Until I get back into that (maybe next weekend?), I don’t want to waste money on a membership I’m only using once or twice a week. (BTW, does anyone know if Goodlife offers month-to-month memberships?)

Goals for this month:

  • Track my spending and start posting weekly spending reports again
  • Look for a book club I can join
  • Join a gym (probably Goodlife)
  • Start counting calories on Lose It! again
  • Workout at least 3x per week

What do you have planned for this month? :)

  • Great minds think alike. I just completed my October budget yesterday as well. All is good (so far) :-)

  • Goodlife will do month-to-month but be warned, as I learned, Goodlife in Toronto is more expensive than Goodlife other places. Now that I’m out of Toronto (and only about 1.5 hours away from the “big city) my gym membership is half of what is used to be. That being said there are a lot of gym options in Toronto as well as the YMCA which is definitely more budget friendly.

  • I definitely need to start tracking my expenses again. I am just getting back on the bandwagon after a complete downward spiral. I’ve dubbed this month as Austerity, not so much to punish myself, but to hopefully cement in some new good habits. Excited to see that it looks like you’ll be debt free within a year!

    • Good for you, for making new priorities this month! And yes, I hope to be debt-free by next summer. :)

  • I like when I read goals set by others as I feel they invest in themselves and take the time to understand why , when and potentially how they will achieve them. I’m working on my October budget now.. and my Sept Update will be up on Wednesday. I hope for next year to make some significant changes with what I’ve learned this year especially with grocery shopping and cooking home-made meals. Thanks for your update …. Cheers Mr.CBB

    • Sometimes I think my goals are too easy… but I also think it’s good to plan for something that is attainable, as it motivates you to stay on-track. Thanks, Mr. CBB! And good luck with your October budget.

  • I’m still working on my goals. Ugh for September though :( I really want to join a book club but there are none around-so a girl and I at work are trying to create one. Harder than what it sounds like though.

    • Well, most of my entertainment comes in the form of dining out (hence the restaurant budget). Other than that, I’m going to a Jays game and might buy myself a new book. Fun! haha.

  • For me, this month is all about staying organized with all of my new responsibilities. I’m going to do a little bit every night, and hopefully that’ll keep the stress away. I’m also going to paint my bedroom, because right now it’s uuuuugly and I’ve had enough of looking at it. Good luck settling into your new city!

  • Goals this month: pay off the car!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and walk at lunch every day that it doesn’t rain (so far so good, hah). And stop drinking so much wine and watch my portions. Boring.

    Do you do a zero-sum budget? Or do you have some leftover expected funds that we don’t see? I don’t typically do a zero-sum budget (where I will have NOTHING left at the end of the month because it is all allocated) because typically we go over in at least one category. So I usually have about three hundred dollars just hanging out in the budget. And then whatever is left over, we’ll put toward the car typically. Usually no more than $200 is ever left. Just curious! xoxo

    • Your goals are not boring. You are going to be debt-free! Woo hoo!

      And no, I don’t do a zero-sum budget. But that’s a great question! I like to give myself $2-300 of wiggle room, especially because some of my take-home income in one month doesn’t end up getting used until the next month. Does that make sense?

  • Wow, your public transit (I’m guessing a monthly card?) is much lower than I would have thought, considering how large Toronto is.

    I’m still working on creating goals for the month. A massive apartment deep clean is definitely going to be in there though.

  • I like the goals. Joining the gym will be great, and definitely get rid of a lot of the stress that inevitably comes with a cross-country move. I vote for the YMCA, but that’s just me !! Great goals. :) I need to read more.

  • I want to do better at budgeting, I feel like my budgets are always a moving target. I love your fall colors in yours, by the way!

    Let us know how October comes out, it looks like you have some great goals. I’m going to post mine today.

    • Thanks, Scot! I’m not sure I have enough time to tackle another challenge but love the idea behind your series.

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