A Slight Change of Plans

On Thursday, I’m supposed to be flying to Toronto for eleven days of hanging out with friends, as well as learning at another conference with members of the Canadian personal finance community. I say supposed to because I had to change my flights.

Two weeks ago, I accepted a job offer in Toronto. That same day, I gave notice at my apartment and, the next day, gave notice at my job. Before leaving for #FinCon12, I packed about 2/3 of my apartment, sold a few things, and made plans for where I would store the rest.

Friday is my last day of working with an organization that, over the last 5 years, has truly helped me become the employee I am today. I’m going to spend the weekend with close friends, move my belongings to my parents’ house on Sunday, and hand over the keys to my apartment on Monday.

It seems fast – really fast. But, the truth is, I’ve been ready for a big change for a long time. I’m sad to leave Victoria. I’m excited to be back in Toronto. And I’m going to miss my family and friends like crazy. But I cannot wait to see what life brings me out there.

The hardest part has been keeping it a secret from all of you! This is why I was too busy to post August’s actual budget, write up a September budget, etc. And it’s also why I’ve been a bit lost for words, recently. But now you can expect a few posts about the costs and efforts involved in a cross-country move!

Oh. Wait. You want to know what the job is? I’m now the Managing Editor at RateHub.ca. Not only will I be working with a team that has already built an incredible website, I will be there to help / watch it grow. To say this is a great opportunity is an understatement. And, as a personal finance blogger, it’s my dorky dream come true.

So, to anyone I made plans with during the 11 days I was supposed to be in Toronto: we might have to change them. I’ll be there permanently as of September 19th!

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