I’m Back and Better Than Ever

Oh, hello! Remember me? It’s only been two weeks but I have so much to update you all on. Let’s start with what really caused my somewhat short-lived hiatus…

Earlier this month, I lost two relationships that I never expected to lose and, as a result, went through some serious stages of grief. I cried, I sobbed, I screamed and I was stunned. Then I decluttered and sold/donated a pile of things that simply sat on shelves (and then I sold the shelves). Oh, and I also shopped. A lot. Fortunately, I had my #pfworkout savings and some of this month’s budget there for that, so nothing was swiped for. And, so far, I’ve pocketed $230 from everything I’ve sold, so it’s almost evened out.

While one of the relationships is a 14-year friendship that is now lost forever, the other is one that will eventually just change shape and reform when the time is right. Luckily, this blog has taught me that the best medicine for any period of difficulty is to be open, honest, and work through it. So I talked to friends daily (if not hourly). I wrote letters I will probably never send. And, despite falling off the #pfworkout bandwagon and eating my emotions for a few days (ice cream cake, anyone?) I went for at least one walk/day and continued to count my horrific calorie intake.

Are you ready for the silver lining? Because you know I’m usually good at finding it… Going through this situation forced me to reflect. I thought a lot about my life, my career, and my goals. And I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest one day where I read a quote that, in usual Pinterest-style, helped motivate me. It said, “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” And it should come as no surprise to any of you that I have dreamt up a lot of ideas this year; some small, some big, and some that are almost unimaginable. But I decided to start small and go from there.

So, despite not publishing any posts, I worked on this blog almost everyday. If you have a look around, you’ll find that almost all of the pages have been updated. I added a projects menu, a page about advertising on Blonde on a Budget (for when I finally pull my blog off WordPress), and another page about how companies and websites can hire me. I also updated my blogroll and started building a resources page that includes some of the tools I use on a monthly basis.

But those are just the updates I have done to this blog. In the next few weeks, I plan on launching a second blog/website that I put on the back burner while finishing school. This is a project I literally lose sleep over, because I can’t stop brainstorming about what I want to do and imagining what could come of it. I’m so excited to share it with you all and cannot wait to see if/where it finds a place in the personal finance community. Until then, consider my hiatus officially over!

Thanks for waiting :)


  • Well, hi there! Your words were missed. By the way, can I have a piece of your (ahem… probably stale) “ice cream cake”, if there’s any left? I happen to be an ice cream cake fiend ! :-)

    Sorry to read about your recent past relationship issues but I see that you are rolling along nicely with whatever life dishes out and are bouncing right back up again, in your own amazing style.

    I hope when you get your next new financial blog up and running that you’ll invite all of us readers over for a big blog party to christen it. Then I can add it to my other blog reading enjoyment.

    And I liked your quote “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.”
    I follow one too – don’t sweat the small stuff because in life everything is – but small stuff.

    Welcome back.

  • Welcome Back! Sounds like the hiatus did you good, and I love that you’re moving things forward with your life and your blog. Sorry to hear about the relationships though, but I’m glad you did the positive healthy thing and worked through it, instead of bottling it all up and ignoring it. Can’t wait to see more posts.

  • Sometimes it takes a big disappointment to jump start your motivation again. When I found out I wasn’t going to be working at the job with my former boss, it ignited a major desire to get my professional website and demo done, which I did a couple of days after that. I’m so sorry your friendships dissolved. I’m sure that’s really hard. Good luck with your new projects!

  • Welcome back! I love the fact that you find a silver lining in everything :) I am sorry about the reason behind it but I can’t wait to hear about the new site :)

  • Welcome back!

    Sorry to hear about the loss of a friendship.. that’s one of the hardest to get over (I find), especially if it was unexpected.

    I LOVE pinterest. I have a whole board that’s nothing but quotes. It keeps me grounded. I like the one you chose for your image too =) Glad you seem ready to go forward. It IS hard to understand why some things happen and how they can possibly be good, but sometimes I’ve found one of the greatest lessons you learn in a personal trial is who you are and what you do when the time calls for it. I was personally impressed with my integrity.. it really is one of the rewarding things to learn that you can still do the right thing even when the wrong thing is easier or even better.

    I think you learned more than you know from what you’re going through ;) you’ll find out later and be glad for the experience because it will enrich your life so much in the future.

  • Welcome back ! And glad that you could still work while grieving.. losing friendships is hard, and work can be very cathartic. Can’t wait to see new stuff on the blog !

  • Welcome back! I’m sorry that you were having a tough time for awhile, but I’m glad you found new opportunities! Losing friendships, especially 14 year friendships, SUCKS. I’m glad you allowed yourself to emotionally move through the transition and not internalize it. It hurts, but you are a strong lady and you have found the silver lining!

  • Hi lovely! So glad you’re back on the blog. It sounds like you’re feeling a bit better. I am so excited to hear about this new opportunity! xoxo

  • Great post. I am glad you are back. In the past when I have lost a great friendship I have also found an even better one; either an existing relationship blossoms or someone completely new comes into my life. Life is beautiful.

  • Totally stoked you’re back! Losses in the friendship department suck, but sometimes over time you discover they’re for the best. You didn’t lock yourself into a room for two weeks feeling sorry for yourself, you did things. Constructive things. And yes, ice cream cake totally counts as constructive in my books ;) I’m looking really forward to your new blog launch :)

  • Looks great! Hope to do a similar revamp over at mine in coming months too.

    Sorry it’s been a rough patch for you, but glad you’re emerging from it all. Look forward to reading all about the new project.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your relationships, but glad to read that you are finding positives in your grief! Looking forward to your new effort as well!

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