Update: July 2012 Budget & Goals

Update: July 2012 Budget & Goals

Wow. I knew I was over budget this month but I didn’t realize quite how far over budget I really was. I did know I was spending a lot on entertainment/eating out, because I went to Vancouver twice in two weeks, but I didn’t know I had spent so much on gas and personal care items.

The good news is I still finished the month without a balance on my credit card. The bad news is I took a little bit out of my savings, to get myself to Vancouver for a job interview earlier this week. But I got to spend some quality time with one of my girlfriends and, while it may not have been an emergency, I don’t regret using a penny of it.

Let’s see what else happened (or didn’t happen) this month.

Goals for this month:

  • Track my spending and start posting weekly spending reports again – FAIL! I drafted up my first report and then started doing everything by hand. Oops.
  • Continue counting calories on Lose It! – DONE!
  • Workout at least 5x per week – DONE!
  • Try to eat gluten free, as much as possible – FAIL! I did switch to gluten free pasta but multi-grain bread continues to rule my life. Ahh well.
  • Be open to whatever is next and start moving in that direction! – DONE! This month, I interviewed for a couple different jobs and decided I would be open to moving outside of Victoria for the right opportunity.

How did your month finish up?

  • “How did your month finish up?”

    My past month finished up in good shape, as expected. Unlike your listed monthly budget, mine also tracks sources of income. So although my budgeted vs actual expenses may at times not be exactly in agreement (but usually are dead-on), I don’t sweat it because usually the odd small variances are more than covered by my total income fully meeting my actual expenses. I just then tweek the budget numbers a bit as needed, especially as things like gas prices tend to rise at times. Capiche?

  • Mine finished up pretty good-spent a bit more than I wanted earlier on but was well worth it the end. I hope that you get the job that you interviewed for. And now I’m on track to have a good amount of money prior to moving out at the end of December. I might have to get into my savings but it will be for a good cause!

  • Mine was overbudget since the moving company took 5.5 hrs to move me instead of 3.5 I had anticipated (which was based on them having moved me previously). Luckily I got a credit of 2 hrs for the next move, which means my next month’s budget will be under.

  • Ahhhhh C. I am scared to tally up our July spending. We knew it was going to be high but I am terrified to actually total it up. We went way over budget in multiple categories, from groceries to entertainment to clothes for J’s new job. Gack. I didn’t even make our additional principal payment toward our car yet because I knew we wouldn’t hit our goal of $1775 so I have avoided it completely. Which is stupid! We definitely won’t be able to make the full payment but hopefully we can pull $1K out of thin air? :] Today is the day of wreckoning.

    Oh and J’s pay schedule is off due to his new job, so he only got half a paycheck for his first August paycheck. So there’s that too. However, August does look OK – even with that income hit. We’ll have to push Milly’s teeth cleaning off to another month though. (It’s not a rush, and it’s also $450, so I’m avoiding it. Who knew a cat could be so expensive?)

  • Gluten free can be a really difficult transition to make, but I wish you the best of luck. I’ve been eating gluten free for just under a year now. If you’re looking for gluten free substitutes, I find that Udi’s is the best for baked goods, and Tinkyada is good for pasta.

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