July #PFWorkout Update

For anyone new to Blonde on a Budget, #pfworkout is a hashtag personal finance bloggers use on Twitter to share exercise, weight loss and healthy living accomplishments. Each month, I set personal goals and post updates on my progress.

My goal for this month was to workout 5 days/week and, for once, I actually made this happen! While one week I only worked out 4 times, all the other weeks had 5 or 6 workouts pencilled on the calendar. And I have definitely seen some results.

This month, I:

  • worked out 22 times in 19 days (including today)
  • ate an average of 1415.7 calories each day (tracked on LoseIt!)
  • lost 3.2 lbs.
  • lost 2″ (including an entire inch off my waist)

Adding my previous numbers, I’m down a total of 18.2 lbs. and 12 inches. And do you know what that means? I’m officially in the 180’s! I had to retire my first workout shirt, because it’s way too big now, and am close to throwing in the towel on my one and only pair of Lululemon capris. If I have to pull them up during one more run, my workout buddy might witness a mini freakout.

So, what’s in store for August? I’m just going to stay on track with what I was doing this month and hopefully I will see my total loss reach 20 lbs. August 28th marks 6 months of #pfworkouts and I’d love to celebrate with a 21 lb. loss.

What #pfworkout updates are you most proud from this month? Haven’t used the hashtag yet? Join in anytime!

  • Congratulations! At this rate, eventually you’ll be just a shadow of your former self, mini freakout notwithstanding. :-)

    Now, as for moi, well let’s just say: ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies!!! (evil grin)

  • I’ve finally gotten back on the#pfworkout band wagon. After my race in the spring I took a mega hiatus, which was much needed after 16 weeks of 5 day a week training. Now I’m easing back into running with my new dog Molly and we’re both loving it. The only problem I’ve got is the heat, I can’t stand it! Any tips?

    • I don’t run outside very often… but I’m guessing hydrating before/after and wearing a top made of something other than cotton will help!

  • Congrats! Just remember you could have your Lululemons taken in by a tailor. It’s cheaper than buying a new pair.

  • Congrats on your continuing weight loss, Cait! My favorite #pfworkout achievement for July is getting my weekly long runs (marathon training) up to 12 miles this month. I’m hoping to get up to 16 maybe even 18 during August……..

  • WAY TO GO ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!!! I’m trying to get back to better eating and workouts, but am struggling!

  • AWESOME! Way to go! And thank you for explaining #pfworkout lol Well I am proud that I have been keeping up with my half marathon training schedule and ran 16km last weekend! Now I feel ready to tackle 21km on August 11th. I’ll be honest, I am nervous but know that no matter what I will make it a personal best!

  • You’re doing so awesome! It’s really inspirational. I need to get back into shape. I only have a few pounds to lose, but even if I lost nothing and just got stronger and had more energy, I would be thrilled. Jeff is wanting to lose a more substantial amount of weight, so we’ve been encouraging each other. Sometimes, that’s all we need. #pfworkout FTW! :)

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