July 2012 Budget & Goals

July 2012 Budget & Goals

June was out of control. I didn’t track any spending after the first week and, while I know I didn’t go crazy over budget, I feel sick about the fact that I don’t know all the final numbers. Well, that won’t happen this month.

July is going to be the best month this year has seen so far! I’m going to start planning my future financial goals and am taking all of my time that was once spent doing homework and using it to focus on eating well and exercising often.

I’ve already increased my RRSP contributions, so I’m officially saving more than 10% of my income, and feel more in control of my future. And I’ve worked out 5 days in a row now, with plans to workout everyday while I’m off this week.

Goals for this month:

  • Track my spending and start posting weekly spending reports again
  • Continue counting calories on┬áLose It!
  • Workout at least 5x per week
  • Try to eat gluten free, as much as possible
  • Be open to whatever is next and start moving in that direction!

What do you have planned for this month? :)

  • I feel you about the June spending. Maybe you, Beach and I should be each others person to call when we feel like we are going to spend a lot of money? I am still coming up with my goals for July though.

  • I’m really hoping to not spend much in July. June’s spending was very expensive. We also had extra car expenses and birthdays. I’ve depleted my savings, so now I need to rebuild. You are doing so awesome!!

  • Don’t beat yourself up! Can’t change what happened in June, all you can do is decide to make July better. June wasn’t that great for us, either, although we managed to put our goal of $1775 toward the car. At the end of the month I think we had $4 left. Oh well.

    Our July is going to be expensive as well. We have car maintenance, a cavity refill, haircuts for both of us, cat expenses, AND we have to buy new clothes for J’s new job. He hasn’t had an office job in like 6 years, so all those clothes are too big and dated. We won’t be able to throw the full $1775 at the car this month. More like $1500. Which is still good, but…argh!

    Happy July! Summer is finally coming to the Pacific Northwest. Maybe this week :]

  • Victoria is the best city for being gluten free. I’m seriously jealous. My best friend lives there and (I visit often) so many places have gluten free items. I know you are trying to save money and lose weight, but knowing about gluten free options is essential!

    The Joint has a great GF pizza.
    Fisherman’s Warf has GF fish and chips.
    Rebar has enchiladas, which are amazing (and cheesy).
    Casscovia has these pie like berry cobbler things.
    Oh, and GF pasta is at most grocery stores.

    If it makes you feel any better I spent 750 dollars repairing my car this month…didn’t budget for that.

  • I love your blog Leigh :) June was crazy for me as well. Didn’t track my spending AND went on a 5 day roadtrip to Quebec to do a triathlon. I went overboard! Getting back on track for July. Back to brown bagging my lunches to work, and need to move by Sept (roommate bought a house with her bf!) so looking at cheaper accomodations. Living in PEI, I am lucky to be able to live super cheap. I pay $80/month in car insurance and was wondering if that was high – good to see you are paying about the same so it can’t be too bad. Good luck, and keep writing! if you need some workout motivation, check out my blog ;)

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