June #PFWorkout Update

For anyone new to Blonde on a Budget, #pfworkout is a hashtag personal finance bloggers use on Twitter to share exercise, weight loss and healthy living accomplishments. Each month, I set personal goals and post updates on my progress.

My goal for this month was to workout 5 days/week. While that didn’t happen every week, it did for two weeks in a row. I also worked out twice on two separate days and saw one number that I’d been aiming for…

This month, I:

  • worked out 17 times in 15 days (including today)
  • ate an average of 1618.4 calories each day (tracked on LoseIt!)
  • lost 3.0 lbs.
  • lost 0″

Adding my previous numbers, I’m down a total of 15.0 lbs. and 10 inches. That might not sound like a lot, considering I’ve been at this for 4 months now, but I’ve learned that losing weight is about so much more than just seeing the numbers drop.

With that being said, I’m going to make July my happiest and healthiest month yet. I’m planning on working out at least 25 of 31 days and I can’t wait to see what my next #pfworkout update looks like!

What #pfworkout updates are you most proud from this month? Haven’t used the hashtag yet? Join in anytime!

  • Congrats! 15 pounds is awesome. Sounds like you are right on track! I think I’m most proud of sticking with Nike Training Club workouts, since it’s the thing I enjoy the least, and it’s from home which is really hard for me.

  • 15 pouinds is awesome! I’ve never used that hashtag (snicker). My most proud workouts are even when its a billion degrees out and my workout is supposed to be done outside–in the past I might have skipped them but I haven’t yet! (well not for the heat but holding a brand new baby niece….well I had to skip it ;) )

  • 15 pounds is fantastic (that would get me fitting half my jeans again, lol) with that amt of calories and no inches lost is sounds like you’re losing fat and building muscle like crazy, way to go and good luck this month!

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