Guess Who’s Going to #FinCon12!?


After deciding not to attend the Bold Academy, I started to question what I would do with my non-refundable plane ticket. Because of the airline I was flying with, I could change the flight but it had to be international (going to Toronto was not an option). So I weighed out three other choices: visiting a friend in Arizona, taking a solo trip to NYC, or going to #FinCon12 in Denver. The title of this post should tell you which trip won.

As everything was being worked out, I contacted one of my favourite female bloggers, Carrie from Careful Cents. I asked if she was going to #FinCon12 – yes. I asked if she had a roommate – no. I asked if she would want one – yes. And with that, I knew this was a trip I could not only afford now but one that would make this entire experience come around full circle.

Going on a solo trip to NYC was a close contender, as I’m dying to meet the ladies at LearnVest, but I think I’m going on a girls’ trip there in May of next year.┬áNow, I get to meet, hangout, and learn with many of the bloggers in this community; the people who have been my biggest supporters this last year. I’m so excited to meet you all! And maybe we’ll even squeeze in a couple #pfworkouts!?

Are you going to #FinCon12? :)

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