The Cost of a Weekend Getaway

The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful. Yes, there’s been a lot of buzz and excitement around fundraising for the Bold Academy. But I’ve also been staying up late doing homework, freelance work, etc. and waking up later and later on weekday mornings, because of it all. I’ve been losing sleep, missing my morning #pfworkouts, and struggling to find the time to sit and reflect (which I would almost consider a hobby, now that my TV is broken).

So, you can imagine how thankful I was to not only have a friend in the Lower Mainland let me come for a weekend-long visit, but that I had the cash to go away (just another bonus of not having credit card debt). I finished as much of my homework as I could on Thursday night, left Friday morning and didn’t come back until Sunday evening. Two nights away may not seem like much but my goal was to stay as far away from my email as possible… and I was reasonably successful.

On Friday morning, I drove into Vancouver for lunch with a friend from school, before heading out to Maple Ridge for the rest of the weekend. Once I got there, I’m happy to say we did nothing but hang outdoors and sleep (with dance parties and games of finders keepers with her kids, in between). We went to two of her ball games, then hiked 8km around Buntzen Lake (seen above) on Saturday and walked around Rolley Lake on Sunday. (Tip: If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, get more fresh air and exercise. You already knew that!? Why didn’t you tell me?)

As much as I normally hate taking the ferry, the ride home seemed to be when I found myself reflecting. Not only about how our weekend together was exactly what I needed but that it would probably be my only downtime for the next few weeks. I came home slightly anxious about all of the deadlines I have to meet between now and June 30th, but also re-energized from a weekend off of regular life. Now, let’s see what it cost me:

Ferry x 2 = $86.20
Gas = Approx. $20
Food & Drinks = Approx. $55

$161.20 is what it cost me to get away for three days. And it was worth every penny.

Oh, and in case you missed it on Twitter, I did have to pop online and share one thing that happened this weekend:

Thanks again to everyone who voted! The judges would never have seen my blog, without you getting me a spot on the finalists list.

How was your weekend?

  • I’m glad to hear you took a couple days to chill out. Sometimes life gets pretty busy and we tend to forget who we are and that we are just as important as what we are trying to accomplish. Taking a step back and putting yourself on the pedestal is important…we do this often so we don’t fall apart. Sometimes people think we must be too frugal to do anything but it’s the complete opposite.

    Saving money in the budget has opened up so many opportunities just like it did for you this past weekend… $161.20 worth it.. sounds like it to me. So it might take some time to save the money but we certainly won’t be crying debt because of it and neither will you.
    ~ Cheers Darlin… Mr.CBB

    • I actually have the opposite concern. Whenever I spend money, I wonder what people will think… because I still have debt, etc. But not having credit card debt gives me the freedom to choose what to do with any extra money I might have. This weekend was everything I needed and more. Thanks, Mr.!

  • congrats on the award! I used to live in Seattle and loved being on the ferry. I found it so relaxing and smooth. I’d always fall asleep. Glad you had a good mini-vaca. You seem so close in your fundraising!

    • How long is the ferry there? The ferry ride alone is 95 mins + waiting + traffic. Gets annoying, after a few times!

  • Congrats on the award! I totally missed that! You deserve it:) Less than $200 on 3 days is nothing… compared to the clarity and rest it brought you. We all need that little escape sometimes, you know? I totally feel you on the whole busy thing…juggling so many things at once. I am finding that I am starting to slip in some areas of my life (mainly my REAL job) and it’s not making me feel good since I’m usually always on top of things.

    I need to take a tip from you and go hiking. Since I’m moving soon I won’t have the opportunity to cherish the area where I live now.

    • Yes, go hiking! And don’t beat yourself up over slipping… that particular area is going to be changing soon, anyway!

  • I think that is an awesome sounding getaway for a extremely reasonable price. It gave you exactly what it needed, right? An sometimes you just have to have you time with no distractions! (even if you are going with a friend but you know what I mean) An congrats on winning!

  • Congrats!

    I remember one weekend before my senior year of college, I had a million things to do, but it was my roomie’s birthday weekend and she invited me to hang out at her family’s property an hour or so away. I was totally stressed out when we left, but the few days away from email and even cell phone service (unless we drove or walked about a mile away) – that was excellent. I felt so much better after finally forcing myself to clear my mind, even if I felt a little stressed on the way back to school. It’s amazing what a little time off can do!

    On the other hand…sometimes I take this too far, I think. Like the week we had off in between terms during our first year of grad school, I had planned to relax for the weekend and then get stuff done at home during the week…but I pretty much relaxed the whole time. Oh well, nothing horrible happened as a result!

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