Update: May 2012 Budget & Goals

Update: May 2012 Budget & Goals

Ok, who knew life without credit card debt could be so much fun!? My entertainment budget was outrageous this month. However, a good portion of that was on a trip to Vancouver with Mom and Baby Sis, as well as a couple of wine nights in with old friends. Other than that, I’m fairly happy with the numbers.

The biggest difference here is obviously what I put into my Emergency Fund. A couple weeks ago, I decided to stop most of my discretionary spending and put everything I could into savings. I even sold a few things online (and no one tried to rob me!) and put every penny of what I made ($240) into the same account.

My cell phone bill was larger than my usual $75-80, thanks to the purchase of an iPhone 4S. Seriously, best $40 I’ve spent in a long time! And while I can’t say I’ve given up Starbucks completely, I did go without it for almost 2 weeks. (Yes, I’m an addict. You should know this!)

Goals for this month:

  • Continue counting calories on Lose It! – DONE!
  • Workout 4x per week – DONE!
  • Put $5 into a jar, whenever I workout – DONE! But I’m going broke doing it, haha. I might have to stop for a little while.
  • Read at least 2 books – DONE! I read Start Something That Matters and Tribes, and I started reading The Alchemist for the second time.

Did you meet all of your goals for this month?

  • I didn’t meet all my goals (just posted an update about that) but did OK. I need to do some research on how everyone spends so much less than me at the grocery store!

  • Good job C! How much do you now have in your e-fund? We are only keeping $1K in ours for now (we’re doing the Dave Ramsey plan). Just curious…not sure if you list it on the site somewhere! I always like to see the run-down. Because I’m nosy. xoxo

  • When I don’t work out I put $5 in s jar and it goes to my husband. He does the same, it gets competitive and keeps us going. I don’t want him to buy something awesome because I couldn’t get off the couch!

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