May #PFWorkout Update

For anyone new to Blonde on a Budget, #pfworkout is a hashtag personal finance bloggers use on Twitter to share exercise, weight loss and healthy living accomplishments. Each month, I set personal goals and post updates on my progress.

Last month showed little-to-no progress on the #pfworkout homefront. I used excuse after excuse to not workout and, as a result, only lost 2.2 lbs. and 3.5″. But, while my motivation for working out picked up greatly in May, the numbers are even smaller!

This month, I:

  • worked out 22 times in 20 days (including today and tomorrow)
  • ate an average of 1600.7 calories each day (tracked on LoseIt!)
  • lost 1.8 lbs.
  • lost 2″

Adding my previous numbers, I’m down a total of 12.0 lbs. and 10 inches. I’m starting to think that maybe I plateaued with my workouts and/or that I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I could have this month… or maybe it was those few extra glasses of wine. Hmm.

Either way, I’ve been incredibly motivated for the last week or so and plan on making major progress in June. See that view up there? I’ve hiked up to see that 5 times in the last 5 days (including twice on Monday) and plan on seeing a lot more of it, before I head down to Colorado!

What #pfworkout updates are you most proud from this month? Haven’t used the hashtag yet? Join in anytime!

  • You are doing great! And if it makes you feel better, I’ve been at the same weight that I’m now at for over a month. I keep forgetting to measure inches though.

  • I’ve been at the same weight for what feels like forever. I have no idea if I’m building muscle or what! I think that I need to start watching what I eat now that I’m getting older, because I used to eat whatever junk I wanted and work out super hard..and I’d be super skinny. Those were my high school and college days.. now with working and sitting at a desk for over 9 hours a day, it’s impossible to live that lifestyle. Sooo I think I better watch what I eat before I become a student again. I’m also looking forward to moving back home…the figuring out what to eat part is the worst for me, and I’ll be able to do my own thing in the kitchen since I can’t do that now with BF’s mom watching my back all the time seeing if I’m peeling a mango right. I don’t know, stuff like that haha.

    You’re doing amazing though – keep it up! Consistency is key and living healthy is a lifestyle. That’s something I always forget. I love #PFworkouting!!!

  • You’re doing great! Slow and steady wins the race! With all the working out I do, my numbers haven’t changed at all (if you read my last post). I’m not too concerned since I’m fine with my weight, but it is a bit frustrating that nothing happened. And I want my mid section to be toner. My legs and arms are strong but I feel too squishy in the middle. Keep up the good work!

  • Keep up the hard work! You could try and mix up your routine, do a spin or weight class and if you already do those try going for a run :)

  • Nicely done! Do you like the LoseIt app? I’ve been using’s MyPlate, but I kinda want something that will post my exercise online to my Twitter feed, because I kind of want to be held accountable for exercising. (Does that make sense?) I’d love to lose at least five pounds, but my job/life situation has been all up in the air lately and so I haven’t been taking care of myself how I should. You are an inspiration!

  • Great job on the workout front. I personally don’t care about the weight as much as I care about the inches. Majority of folks have no clue how much you weight unless you tell them nor can they guess properly. I get pegged at a good 30 lbs less if I am ever ask, mostly because I’m built like a tank. Continue to work hard but enjoy those work outs.

  • Hey 2 inches seems like a lot to me, I wouldn’t worry so much about the weight, I’d worry about how your clothes fit. I’m naturally thin, so the more I work out, the heavier I get, but my clothing is fitting better than ever. Keep up the good work!

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