Learning How to Juggle

Holy cow, the last few weeks have been intense. First, I was accepted into and started fundraising for my spot in the Bold Academy. Then I finished paying off my credit card debt. After that, I finally shared this blog with my family and friends. And then I found out I was up for the Best Personal Blog West Coast Social Media Award!

On top of everything, I’ve been meeting with potential sponsors for my #GoingBold opportunity, as well as managing to submit all of my homework assignments… mostly on time. And I can’t forget that I was housesitting for a month, then moved home, and am now trying to get back into my normal routine.

Only, it seems that I don’t have time for a routine anymore. With every new email in my inbox, and text or call from family and friends, I’m saying yes to things I used to say no to and am constantly on-the-go. While I’m managing to get all my work done, and still do everything I want to for fun, I’d be lying if I said my brain wasn’t frazzled!

In an effort to stay on-track without losing my mind, I’m finally understanding some of the simple lessons my favourite bloggers have been writing about for years. Here are a few of the things I’m doing (or trying to do) to help me juggle everything:

Say Yes More
Lately, I’ve been thinking about how many things I used to say no to, simply because I didn’t think I could ever do them. Forcing myself to say yes in some of these moments now not only challenges me to try new things but has opened a few doors. And, if I’m being totally honest, saying yes just feels good!

Say No More, As Well
I’m also learning how to keep my top goals and priorities in mind, when making any decision. While saying yes feels great, I’m starting to understand which doors are worth opening and which are best left closed. I’m also busy enough that I need to decide what I can and cannot take on and be content with my decisions.

Stop Procrastinating
I’ve always been a huge procrastinator. HUGE! I’m known for soaking dishes for hours before finally washing them and fluffing dry loads of laundry a few times before folding it and putting it away. Recently, I’ve started doing everything as soon as I think of it. Cleaning, prepping, writing… If it comes to mind, I do it.

Start Living
I recently came to the conclusion that I’ve been somewhat depressed for the last few years. I used excuses to get out of everything, including taking care of my own well-being, so I could waste hours, days and weeks on the couch. While I still love my downtime, I’m on the couch about 50% less than I was before and am spending that extra time at the gym or out with family or friends.

I’m starting to understand why people have such a hard time juggling work, life and fun! I want to do almost everything that has been presented to me recently but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

How do you juggle multiple goals and priorities?

PS – The West Coast Social Media Awards are June 8th and I’m up for Best Personal Blog! Being nominated is exciting but winning would make my blog and message that much more public. I’d love your vote, today and everyday until May 14th.

  • Juggling multiple goals at once is tough! As much as possible, I try and integrate all of my goals, so that they don’t conflict with one another too much. I want to be fit, but I also want to keep my expenses down, so instead of going to a yoga class, I run outside, and work towards two goals at once. Not everything is that easy to achieve though, so I guess finding a balance would also be beneficial.

    • Good idea about trying to integrate goals. Sometimes I do that without planning to… like a couple of my girlfriends and I love the same farmer’s markets, so we grab coffee and get our grocery shopping done at the same time. Best!

  • I find that getting adequate sleep seems to help with productivity… the more rested I am, the more often I find myself in alert/energetic moods where I can convince myself to tackle the tasks I’ve been putting off.

    Start Living is big on my list, too, as I think it’s really easy to de-prioritize when the rest of your life seems jam-packed with other stuff that has to be done. I’m still working at it, but I find that if I plan some outings with friends, I can control the cost of the activity a little more, not to mention getting the much needed social interaction!

    • I’m with you. I force myself to go to bed around 10pm and sleep until 5:30am or 6am, depending on if I’m going to hit the gym before work or not. Sleep is as important to me now as good food. ;)

  • I voted for ya girl! I have to say, I have really been enjoying your blog lately. I think we share a similarity when it comes to our personalities and our goals. Everything you blog about, particularly the posts ever since you wanted to go to Bold Academy, resonate really well with me. I think this year has also been a big year for me in terms of #PFworkouts, blogging more, saying yes more often, but saying no sometimes (which I have trouble with), and just being so dedicated and focused on self-growth. I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me and others!

    • Thank you for reading and contributing to posts and conversations! Wouldn’t be here without your support :)

  • I voted! I agree that saying yes is important but so is saying no. Make sure that you put yourself first at times. And I agree with Erika–thanks so much for the inspiration.

    As for goals, I tend to have a big goal but I break it into much smaller (and more easily attained) goals. That way I feel like I am doing something and it keeps me motivated.

    • I like making small goals too, for the same reason. Failing at bigger goals is far less motivating than accomplishing smaller ones :P

  • I find the less I have to do the less I will do. Therefore, I try not to have too much open time. I’ll signup to attend a presentation at the library or register to sit in on a forum discussion at a think tank in my area or agree to volunteer with a local charity at a certain time. I like having a variety of things to do. They keep me focused and keep my life interesting.

  • That’s so awesome (also I just voted for you). I totally know what you mean. You’re at a time in your life where you’ve jsut gotta take life by the horns, say yes to the opportunities presented to you, and see where life takes you! Good on ya girl!

  • Congrats on the nom (I’ve been voting for you), you definitely deserve it! I’m struggling with the same things and have yet to find an efficient way to juggle everything. I get busy, stuff gets ignored or forgotten and then I get frazzled. It sucks. I’m a procrastinator too – especially when it comes to laundry. Someone really ought to invite a folding machine.

  • Congrats on the huge nomination! So you know your family and friends are reading your every blog now!! Trust me…they are! I’m always surprised when my friends and family mention something I didn’t tell them, but shared on my blog. My mom actually gets hurt. I think she still wants me to tell her things first. :/
    As far as how to juggle? Let me know if you figure out, k?

    • I actually talk to my family about money all the time… that’s why I felt horrible about keeping the D-word (debt) from them. But yes, I’m sure they are reading every post now! :P

  • I know people who can’t say no to anything. You can never get ahead if you don’t know how to say no. In regards to procrastination, I am the same way. It is tough to overcome. One of the things I have been putting in my thought process to try to get over procrastinating is trying to always “JUST DO”. It’s a Wayne Dyer quote. Forget about Just doing your best, JUST DO. If you JUST DO, you will experience a lot more things in life and no longer be a procrastinator.

  • Yay!! So excited you got nominated. I voted for you just so you know!!
    Did you ever imagine the success you received from your blog? Us newbies could use some inside tricks!!

    • Hmm, can’t say I have any tricks to share, haha. I just write – honestly and conversationally. Thanks for the vote!

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