May 2012 Budget & Goals

May 2012 Budget & Goals

This month, I only need to put 18% of my income on debt. That’s unbelievable. I’ve been putting anywhere from 35-46% on debt for the last 11 months. Now the extra cash I was putting on credit card debt is all mine. What a concept.

I have to admit that it couldn’t have come at a better time. Next week, Mom, Baby Sis and I are heading to Vancouver to see the Black Keys. Trips to Vancouver are rare, because of constantly-increasing ferry costs, so we will be doing more than just seeing the concert. We will (obviously) eat out, shop a bit and probably hit up IKEA on the way home. That trip + a birthday + Mother’s Day are why my entertainment budget is so big this month.

I also increased my cell phone budget because I’m getting an iPhone 4S today! And it should only cost me $30 + tax. Yes, you read that right. My provider is Fido and for the 2.5 years I have been with them my account has accumulated $130 FidoDollars. When you’re able and ready to renew, you can use your FidoDollars towards the purchase of a new phone. I was going to wait for the next one but my 3GS is so painfully slow now, I’ve decided to just go for it.

Looks like it’s going to be a fun month!

Goals for this month:

  • Continue counting calories on┬áLose It!
  • Workout 4x per week
  • Put $5 into a jar, whenever I workout
  • Read at least 2 books

What do you have planned for this month? :)

    • Isn’t it!? I really need the extra cash this month so I’m very grateful that my cc debt is gone.

  • You have just paid off your credit card, and I know the feeling of paying off a debt and suddenly having the money be “Mine, all mine!”. It is a great feeling. On the other hand, most debt-advice columns will tell you to snowball your payments until all of your debt is gone. After your wonderful splurge this month, and your fundraising for Bold Academy is done, will you increase your payments on your loans?

    • I still haven’t decided, Paul. I have a bed that’s 10 years old and springy that I’d love to replace, first. After that, I’ll probably look at wiping out my Personal Loan!

      • Hahaha – that’s the same choice I made earlier this year. Pay off my loan and keep sleeping on a futon help up by milk-crates, or get a new bed. The new bed won.

    • No rush! I knew mine would be focused on getting back into my routine, after moving home from housesitting, so they were pretty easy to come up with. :P

  • This is silly, but I love the blue tones you put on your budget this month. Very cute! Enjoy your 4S. I have the 4 and love it, although I only get 3G, not a 4G network. Boo. I was at a concert last night and talking to my friend Mer about our iPhones (we were waiting in line at the bar) and this hipster behind us totally butted in and told us the 4S is only for phone carrier Sprint. The S stands for Sprint. Which I knew was patently untrue but was just like “oh really? wow, I didn’t know that.” Haha.

    • Ok, do you want to know what’s more silly than you loving the colours on this month’s budget? The fact that I chose those colours because of the case I bought for my new iPhone! (It matches the middle blue.)

  • I get such a kick out of watching debt re-payment percentages go down. You are doing so well, miss.

    • Aww, thanks! It’ll go back up after the summer, I think… will be trying to pay off one of my loans sooner.

  • Just found ur blog via the twitter universe and I love it. I too, have struggled with debt repayment and money issues, and as soon as I got married, I realized I couldn’t hide my bad money habits anymore. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who is just now learning from my mistakes. Great job! And great May goals! I too am hoping to create a new budget for myself that I can actually stick to.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ashly! Happy you found my blog :) there’s a bunch of other great ones, both Canadian and not, in my blogroll!

  • Congrats on having that money to yourself again! It must be a wonderful feeling :)

    That’s so cool you get to see the Black Keys, it should be an amazing show. I’m always amazed that they don’t have an Ikea on the island yet – why don’t they just put one in Vic or Nanaimo?

    May is wedding road trip and three paycheque month for me, and I’m trying to not spend as much as I did in March and April because it was horrendous.

    • I ask the same question all the time re: putting an IKEA in Vic or Nanaimo. It’s ridiculous why there isn’t one here yet.

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