Weekly Spending Report

-$5.52 Qoola

-$3.75 gym

-$500 credit card
-$20 gas
-$10.53 groceries

-$14.10 breakfast at Cup of Joe

-$91.99 car insurance
-$7 wrap at Rob’s Lighthouse Eatery in Cowichan Bay

-$27.71 groceries from Thrifty Foods
-$20.76 produce from Root Cellar
-$16.69 liquor store
-$7 garlic cheese pizza from Pizza Allnite

No spend day!

Total In: +$499.73
Total Out: -$725.05 (69% on debt)

This week, I got the money I had to pay the CRA in January back! Instead of keeping it or saving it (like I maybe should have), I put it all on my credit card debt. I’m too close to having it paid off, to think of doing anything else with it. I just want it gone gone gone! The rest of this week was filled with some small splurges. But, as my friend Char always says, no guilt! No regrets.

How was your week/weekend? :)

  • I would have done the same exact thing and put as much as I could towards CC debt, so I totally understand. Lots of little splurges for me this weekend (guilt-free) like Wetzel’s Pretzels, $14 yoga leggings, Hershey’s Toffee and Almond Nuggets, and ice cream on sale from Rite Aid!

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