Saving for #CPFC12

On Friday morning, early bird tickets to the first ever Canadian Personal Finance Conference (#CPFC12) went on sale. It’s not surprising that the early bird tickets are now gone and there are only 14 regular-priced tickets left available, but I’m happy to say that I set aside $50 for my ticket in February and was lucky enough to grab one at that price.

One of my goals for this year is to save for and attend #CPFC12. Not only will this event give me the opportunity to learn from and with friends, peers and people I look up to, but it’s in one of my favourite cities. My heart misses the beat of Toronto, and all of my friends who live there, so irrationally that I often consider quitting my job, selling my belongings and moving back. Since I can’t afford to do that without a job offer in-place, I’m grateful that I at least have friendly faces to see whenever I can afford a return flight.

Because of those friendly faces, accommodation will not be an issue for #CPFC12. Knowing that, I started calculating a budget for this trip months ago. First, I started thinking about my flight. The cheapest I’ve ever flown round-trip from Victoria to Toronto before was just over $400. Then, since I do have a few groups of friends that I want to see, I decided to make this trip at least 10 days long (if not longer). While I’m sure there will be a few nights in, I’ll still need to budget for everything from morning coffee’s to after dinner drinks. (And you know I’m going to see the Jays play the Yankees!)

I was planning on saving roughly $1,000 for this trip, until my aunt called and offered me a graduation gift. Without knowing I had this trip in mind, she offered to buy me a round-trip ticket to anywhere I wanted to go this year. My immediate reaction was NYC NYC NYC! And part of me still wants to go there instead. But the rational side of me knows that I cannot afford a dream trip (hotel, dining out, shopping in NYC, etc.) until my credit card is fully paid off. So, she’s going to pay for my trip to Toronto instead.

Now all I need is spending money. Ideally, I should save more than I will need, so I’m looking at saving about $500 for this trip. A few weeks ago, I setup an auto-deposit of $25 per paycheque to one of my savings accounts. The first $50 covered the cost of my ticket and the rest should add up to the other $450. All I have left to do now is book the time off work!

Only 200 days until #CPFC12! Will I see you there?

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