Update: December 2011 Budget & Goals

Update: December 2011 Budget & Goals

Ouch. December was kinda rough on the budget.

Where did I go over? The biggest overage was obviously my security deposit and rent. I had planned on moving in with someone but we decided it would be better for our friendship if we lived alone. I’m excited to live alone again but have already been reminded of how expensive it’s going to be.

Where did I spend less? Um, I sucked at paying off credit card debt this month. What the heck happened there!? Only the minimum payment? Good one, Cait.

What surprised me? My cell phone bill (in a good way). I didn’t think I’d be seeing a lower bill until January.

December 2011 Goals:

  • Find an apartment (to move in January 1, 2012)DONE!
  • Finish reading Never Too Late by Gail Vaz-OxladeFAIL! I only read about 40 pages before realizing I’m “not quite there yet,” in terms of planning for retirement. Therefore, I’m putting this book down for a few months.
  • Get ready to move!DONE!
  • Hit my “I’ve paid off $10,000 of debt!” mark (-$18,115)DONE! :D
  • Increase RRSP contributions from monthly to bi-weeklyFAIL! I had an appointment at the bank and then I forgot about it. I don’t think I’ve ever missed an appointment in my life! Note to self: This is a sign you’re too busy.
  • Meet all my school assignment deadlinesDONE!
  • Pay for Christmas with cashDONE!
  • Start my newest writing gigDONE! This month, I started a bi-weekly column at Glass Heel.
  • Start reading The Wealthy Barber Returns by David ChiltonFAIL! Instead I read Cold Hard Truth by Kevin O’Leary.
  • Try to take at least a few days off for myself to breathe, relax, and do whatever I want!DONE!

Overall, not a bad month, I guess. I’m so excited to post January’s budget and goals tomorrow! (Yes, excited. I realize how weird that makes me.)

How’d you do this month? Did Christmas kick your budget’s butt?

  • Christmas totally kicked our butts! Well we were good at staying on our gift buying budget, but there were a lot of other things (like booze!) that we bought ’cause it’s the holidays’ and we wanted to treat ourselves. That and after being pregnant for ages, I can finally drink (hooray!).

    I think your allowance idea rather than specific categories is a great iea! It’ll probably encourage you to decide against a lot of purchases, and in the end you’ll have money leftover :) Good luck!!

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