My No Resolution Resolution

There’s an inspiring feeling that comes when a new year is in sight. The final week of the current year has people scrambling to organize whatever it is they think will help them start the year off right. Self-reflection looks at what has occurred in the last 360 days and resolutions are made for the next 3656. But it’s often faded after the first week or two of January.

This could be why I know better than to make a New Year’s resolution. Well, at least after last year. Do you remember my resolution last year? I said I wasn’t going to drink alcohol for an entire year. I know what you’re thinking -> HA! But my intentions were good, as it was sparked after months of partying (and racking up debt) and because one of the people I cared most about had recently entered rehab. But then I left for Toronto and my resolution stayed behind in Victoria.

I have made a list of goals I hope to achieve in 2012, but I’m not sure if there is one resolution that could stand behind them all. If there is, perhaps it is that I want to continue being the new person I have become. I want to get out of debt and continue loving what I have versus complaining about what I don’t. I want to save more (and not touch what I have saved). And I want to go on a couple trips.

Nothing crazy. Pretty simple, actually. And that’s what the last few months have done for me. They’ve pushed me away from being someone who over-consumes and turned me into a person who is grateful for everything she has. I now know that I don’t need brand new furniture or a beautifully decorated living room to be happy. (There’s that self-reflection I was talking about.)

Are you making any resolutions this year?

  • Resolutions are hard, because I never ever stick to them. They’re too long term for me, so I try to stick with goals, and even then I have to have a timeline. I have set a goal to lose another 10 lbs by March, but if I resolved to lose 10 lbs in 2012, I know that I wouldn’t do it.

    I like your resolution – to continue being who you’ve become. I think I might steal that, haha!

    • They’re too long-term – exactly! How can I say I’m going to workout 5x/week for the next 52 weeks, when life is bound to get in the way of that? If I said that, I’d be setting myself up for disappointment.

      That being said, resolving to lose 10 lbs by March is great. I’d love to do the same, so maybe I’ll steal yours too. ;)

  • Your resolutions sound so much like my own (even though I still need to figure out what specifically they are). I also had to put myself on a budget this year because of a career switch and I’ve learned that while new clothes and eating out every night is fun, it doesn’t define my happiness and I can find other, free ways to be content.

  • Our resolution this year is to save for a house. We want to save $20K in 2012 in the house fund. It’s going to be tight and there will be a lot of saying “no” but in the end it will be worth it!

    I’m going to draw up a big outline of a house and color it in as we save. Hopefully that will be a good visual reminder!

    • That’s brilliant, A! In fact, you’ve inspired me to do the same for my trip to NYC. I’ll post about it in January.

      • Thanks, C! I whipped it up yesterday and posted it on our huge bathroom mirror so we’ll see it every day. I am really looking forward to seeing our house fund grow! (Maybe you could do an outline of the Empire State Building?)

  • I love the part where you said “I want to get out of debt and continue loving what I have versus complaining about what I don’t.” What a lofty goal! I’ve been trying to work on that myself. Haven’t put much thought into what my new years resolution will be yet. With only a few days left in the year, I should probably put some thought into it.

    • Don’t make a resolution unless it’s obvious. If you have to “come up” with one, you probably won’t stick to it! Good luck :)

  • I “want” to make resolutions but I find it really hard to stick with it. I think my resolution is more like a slogan “SAVE MONEY…” and I find that having a simple goal like yours “want to get out of debt” is more than enough to motivate you.

    I actually find it harder if I set guidelines for myself to “save money” (i.e. – bring lunch to work everyday… I feel terribly guilty if I miss a day!) so I think in the overall….if I am saving money… then I am happy :D

  • I really haven’t thought about resolutions either, I suppose I prefer goals over resolutions. Maybe it’s just the connotation of a resolution, it seems so fleeting and unattainable. But maybe that’s just me.

    Best of luck to you with your goals this next year.

    • Agreed. And I’ll never understand why people don’t resolve to do things at other times of the year. Why can’t I start reading more in July? Or lose weight in September? Just because a new year is starting, it doesn’t mean people are in the best position to start a new resolution.

  • Love this! Yes to continuing on healthy paths and being a good person. I’m not a fan of resolutions, but rather gradual, positive, & lasting progress. Happy New Year!!

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