Twenty Eleven: What a Year

This has been one of the toughest years of my adult life. I’ve been broke, I’ve been really broke, and I’ve been maxed out. At the same time I was maxed out, I considered quitting school. I missed opportunities, I put a few dreams on hold, and I had to let reality be my leader for a while. But now I’m here. And here is somewhere I never thought I’d be.

Rather than focus on the lows, today I want to share some the highlights of my year.

In 2011, I:

  • lived in my favourite city (Toronto) for three months
  • paid off $4,452 of student debt
  • paid for the rest of my education, using the Lifelong Learning Program. (This means I will graduate with zero student debt!)
  • paid off $2,300 of credit card debt
  • saved $481 in an Emergency Fund
  • saved $50 in my very first travel fund
  • ran my first (and not my last) 5K
  • lost 9 lbs
  • landed my dream internship at a personal finance site for women
  • started writing a bi-weekly column on a fantastic career website for women
  • was happy. Well, by the end, anyway.

Tell me the highlights of your year. :)

  • My wife and I travelled:
    Miami (cruise)
    Long Beach and down the Oregon Coast (house swap)
    Vegas for 3 days
    and Kona for a week on the Big Island

    We are also set to have a baby in the spring and we can’t wait – this is the best news we received all year!

  • Wow! Despite the fact that if felt like a really tough year for you, just look at all you’ve accomplished! You should be very proud of yourself, lady! You’ve laid a great foundation for 2012!

    My accomplishments:

    Using Inner Bonding I FINALLY learned what it means to really love myself!
    Paid down all my credit card debt – $2,800.00
    Never paid a bill late
    Completely cleaned up my credit report using my CrazySexyCredit skillz
    Added another line of credit to build my credit history and increase my score
    Made the food/migraine connection and have basically ended my migraines
    Spent a week in London and made the decision to move there by June 2012
    Went to Mexico for the first time
    Made two incredible female friends who have brought a lot of love and support into my life
    Have let go of all the garbage from my past and committed to giving my all to everything I do.

    Good luck to everyone in 2012! Three days to our exercise fun, Cait!

    Ali x

  • Congrats lady! Those are some amazing highlights. As far as debt reduction goes, I’m hoping I can say “paid off both my credit cards” by the end of 2012 :)

  • Hi ‘heard’ you mentioned about your internship in your previous post plus this one. I am really interested in ‘hearing’ more about it. Any chance you could ‘talk’ a bit about it in another post such as what exactly do you in that internship position. I just need some inspiration of possible job fields as I feel like I am going through mid life crisis right now.

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