Weekly Spending Report

I RSVP’d to two birthday dinners this week and kinda wish I hadn’t. Well, the food at Milestones was delicious, but The Reef was so disappointing. It was definitely my first and last time eating there.

This week, I also helped out by buying all our appies and a few other goodies for Christmas Day. And I bought my sis a $15 gift card for the App store, last minute, because I knew she was getting an iPhone 4S. (The word jealous is an understatement of how I feel, when I look at my 3GS next to hers.)

No spend day!

-$34.32 groceries (for Christmas)

-$12.50 Noodle Box
-$38.34 Best Buy

-$3.98 groceries (forgot my lunch)
-$30 The Reef

-$149 Personal Loan
-$87.89 car insurance
-$5.69 goat cheese
-$32 Milestones

-$5.32 Starbucks
-$39.39 gas

No spend day!

Total In: +$1,362.25
Total Out: -$438.43 (34% on debt, 0% in savings)

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