Weekly Spending Report

My grocery costs were definitely higher than usual this week, but I treated myself to some goat cheese ($4.99) and bought Mom a big stick of cheese ($7.99), since I use hers sometimes. Otherwise, not bad! I guess staying in all weekend and doing homework helps the budget.

-$117.42 Car Loan
-$50 Emergency Fund

-$30.02 gas (at $1.02/L – yay for gas wars!)

-$12 Noodle Box

-$50 RRSP
-$5.32 Starbucks

No spend day!

No spend day!

-$41.99 groceries

Total In: $0
Total Out: -$306.75 (38% on debt, 33% in savings)

  • Doing nothing can do wonders for a budget!! I’ve been staying with my parents for the past few weeks while my apartment is being fumigated, and it’s amazing how much money in saving by just not being in the city! My bank balance has never looked better!

  • Cheese is so, so expensive. It makes me sad! It’s also the most unbelievably delicious thing in the world so it’s not easy to cut out of the budget :)

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