My Grown-Up Christmas List

After everything that 2011 has held for me, I have had a really hard time answering the question my family and friends always ask this time of year: What do you want for Christmas? You would think that after almost 7 months of not shopping, I would have a long wishlist ready and waiting for this exact moment. But the truth is, I don’t need anything.

Living out of a kitchen, where only my clothes and toiletries are unpacked, I’ve realized how little a person needs in life to be happy. Sure, I’d love some new furniture, fresh bedding, or even a Kobo e-reader… but I don’t need it. Those are wants and 2011 has been focused around only my needs.

But then I started apartment hunting, found and secured my next home, and remembered how much it costs to move out. Not only will I need to stock up on essentials like toilet paper, laundry detergent, and a few cleaning supplies, but my kitchen will need a dish rack, a garbage can, and extra virgin olive oil!

So, while I don’t need anything, my answer is that if anyone really wants to get me something, a gift card for either Walmart or the grocery store would not only be appreciated, it would help my January budget. (And anything penguin-related never hurts, either! ;))

What did you ask Santa for this year?

*9 sleeps until Christmas!*

  • Nice to see some practicality. Not many people know or even care about the difference between needs and wants. Unfortunately the world around us keeps conspiring to make us need our wants and more.

    • Well, I also think that I can personally find a way to buy whatever I “want.” I don’t need someone else to do it. If I wanted some new makeup or nail polish or clothes, I would buy it for myself. But I guess that’s what being an adult is all about? haha

  • Since growing up, I have a hard time telling people what I want. I usually say gas cards, grocery store gift cards, or kitchen stuff – I could always use more cutting boards (two doesn’t “cut” it (ha-ha-punny) when batch cooking), dish cloths, things like that.

    I lost like 18 lbs recently so I asked for gift cards to buy new work pants – since mine were $4 and now too big.

    I hate asking for things that aren’t really necessary. I love getting things that I would have had to buy anyway, so that I don’t have to spend money on them. People tend to hate to give gift cards though!

    • You’re right about people hating to give gift cards. That’s why I’ve decided that, if I do get some, I’m going to take pictures of everything I buy so people know how they’ve helped me!

  • Would asking for boots be a need or want? I am pretty sure its a want, but I kind of need them since I am going to TN and its colder there than it is here in Texas…so can it be considered a need/want? :)

  • I just asked for money for my “Antarctica 2015” fund from everyone because that’s my main goal. I hope it works! I know my boyfriend is getting me a new sports bra because I’m a bike commuter and I need a bra that fits me better. I just find it funny that that’s the only thing I could think of that I really WANTED for Christmas! Ha! He said he *had* to give me a physical item, so I said, “Fine, get me a new sports bra because I would have spent the money on one anyway.”

  • I think this is just something that happens as we grow up. As kids, we had to wait for Christmas or birthdays to get our favorite toys, so we kept a long list ready for the occasion. As adults, we find a way to buy the things we want, so it’s harder to come up with anything when Christmas rolls around. I asked for a t-shirt from my favorite restaurant (since I tore a hole in the one I already had) and a gym membership to the university gym ($180 for the year).

    • Gym membership – that’s a great gift request!

      I should mention that I’ve always got a list going of things I want to buy… but *I* want to buy those things. And because they aren’t necessarily needs, they will stay on that list until I either save for them or they are replacing something else!

  • I’ve had trouble thinking of things in past years, as well. I mean, I don’t really need clothes or shoes, and I’m picky about those things anyway and would prefer to save and shop for them myself instead of letting someone blindly pick me out something. I ended up asked for a new gym bag, since I’m on a crazy fitness kick and mine is just an old mesh book bag from college, and yoga mat, since my mat is starting to fall apart after outdoor boot camp (and should really be outdoor-only at this point!). I also asked for an Amazon gift card for my Kindle (I read it every day on my lunch break!).

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