2011 Summed Up

Last October, I checked my credit score and was sad to see that it was only 719. Two years before, it was 744! But I had since taken out both a car loan and a consolidation loan, so I wasn’t too surprised.

You know what did surprise me? Checking my credit score today. After a year of racking up and then drowning in consumer debt, as well as having two nearly maxed out cards for a few months, I was both shocked and thrilled to see this:

Credit Score

 778? Excellent? ME!? There’s no way that’s right. How is that right!?

Well, I guess it is. I went through my report to find absolutely zero errors, other than that they still think I live in Toronto (even though they have me working for the same place in BC… right). But the credit check for my new apartment was on there, so is it safe to assume they will ‘know’ my new address soon?

I had no missed payments on any accounts but, obviously, still too much debt on my credit card. Don’t worry, lenders, that will be eliminated within the next 7 months!

Credit Score 2011

Going back to the number, it was also great to see that 57% of Canadian consumers were in the same bracket of 760+. I knew Daisy was, as her post from last week inspired me to stop being scared and finally get an update!

Now that 778 is staring me in the face, I don’t know why I was so scared to check it. Maybe because I have felt like a bit of a failure at times this year. But at least I’m a failure who’s always paid her bills on time. :)

When was the last time you checked your credit score?

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