Weekly Spending Report

I’m a bit lost on how to show my Christmas spending, because I save money and then sometimes I spend from my savings. For the purpose of these reports, I will just record how much I’m setting aside for planned spending. I will keep track of what I’m spending on paper and will post my total Christmas budget in December.

-$8.40 groceries

No spend day!

-$3.90 snacks

-$300 credit card
-$100.08 cell phone bill
-$50 for Christmas
-$40 gas

-$149 Personal Loan
-$10.75 Starbucks

-$9.51 birth control
-$27.44 Clinique toner
-$47.36 Baby Bro’s birthday gift

-$10.25 Starbucks
-$20 Bath & Body Works (candles)
-$6.10 Starbucks
-$10 gas

Total In: +$1,324.05
Total Out: -$792.79 (57% on debt, 6% in savings)

  • I had a similar struggle tracking my Christmas spending in my weekly wrap up. I made it especially confusing, because I buy several gifts for others (we go in together, or I pick up an item for one of the kids on behalf of my mom, etc). It’s hard to break it all down & show it logically. :-)

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