Hi, My Name Is…

Not LC. Well, actually LC was never a lie; it is the first letter in both my first name and middle name. But I don’t go by my first name. And really, I usually only go by a portion of my middle name. Am I beating around the bush!? Sorry, let’s start over.

Hi, my name is Cait. :)

I’m the 26-year-old blonde who writes this blog. I’m also single (which may or may not be advantageous for my budget), work full-time (annual salary is approx. $51,000/year), am finishing my Communications degree part-time online and am currently interning at one of the Top 50 Websites of 2011. To say I am busy would be an understatement. Any spare time I do have is spent maintaining this blog, chatting on Twitter, or walking dogs at the Victoria BC SPCA.

While I’m only partially revealing who I am today, some of you will figure out the rest. I’m proud to finally be linking to some of the other posts I’ve written this year. When I was living in Toronto, I was fortunate enough to have been contacted by RateSupermarket.ca for a short freelance writing contract. And interning at LearnVest is – well, I don’t know how to not be cheesy about it, so I’ll just say this: every day, I wish I was at the NYC office (for more than the obvious reasons!).

Goodbye, LC. Kind of. I guess she does exist (and some friends do call me that). It’s just weird to think my “life” no longer includes initialisms. Oh, but if you do figure it all out, I have to laugh about one thing. The first letter of my last name has never been very far. ;)

  • Hi, Cait!! Nice to meet you :) And I also think you need to be at the LearnVest NYC office because, duh, I live in NYC and I’m pretty sure we’d get along!

    • hehe, well we’d “met” before… ;) but it’s great to make it official!

      I would love to visit the LV offices, during my time with them… if that’s ever possible, you’ll be the first person to know!

  • Nice to “meet” you! :) Revealing things about yourself, even as small as a common first name (It doesn’t get more common than “Katie” in my experience!), is really surreal. It feels like people know me instead of this made-up person. (At least your nickname was your initials, and some people call you LC! Lol, “Red” had absolutely nothing to do with my real life.) I hope letting your readers get to know you better turns out well for you also! :)

    • ha, I know, that’s why I couldn’t help but laugh at how similar our names were… Cait and Katie. (One of my best friend’s is named Katie too. We’re taking over!)

      I hope “coming out” is a good move too. Thanks, dear!

  • Congrats! Wow!
    Oh, man– I don’t have the courage to come out yet… I think it’s because I bitch about my work so much… Also, it’s really hard to say: “This is my name, this is what I earn, and this is how little I’ve done with those earnings.” Hm… Maybe one day.

  • Hello! Lovely to meet you! What prompted this?

    LearnVest sounds seriously cool. I’ve been writing some really rocking stories at my day job and have been seriously tempted to link to some of them on my blog. I mean, I already have a few pics of me on there, and have linked once to my real YouTube account… And if I were to lose my job, I would definitely rework my blog, polish it all up and and turn it into a hybrid blog/portfolio.

    • Hmm, I’ve been thinking about “coming out” for a couple months now… No one particular thing prompted it but when I started interning at LV I kept thinking “man, I wish I could share this with everyone!” Now I can :)

      You could definitely get a blog/portfolio going! I’d love to see that from you… you know, one day.

  • Yay! Hi Cait :) Nice to “meet” you! I’ve often wondered why I never blogged anonymously – sometimes I feel I have to bite my tongue a little too much on my blog, haha – but I’d probably not have remained anonymous for long as I ALSO like to tell personal stories and post photos. I always figured the “C” in “LC” was for Catherine… no idea why. Not TOO far off, I suppose.

    • I definitely want to start posting some photos! And maybe do some vlogs too :)

      And nice guess! Catherine is definitely not far off, haha. My middle name is Caitlin. Some people call me Caitlin, family/close friends call me Cait. And I think Caitlin = Catherine in Wales…!? Or something like that.

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