I’m Going on a Trip!

After work today, I’m catching the ferry over to Vancouver. There, I’m staying with two different friends: one tonight and another on Friday night. Then, first thing Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I are driving to Seattle! We have no plans on Saturday other than to check into our hotel (Watertown in the University District), check out Pike Place Market and find a good place to go for dinner. (Suggestions? Remember: I don’t eat meat.)

The purpose of the trip is what we will be doing on Sunday morning: running. We are both running our very first 5K! The run is being put on by Athleta Iron Girl. It’s at Green Lake Park, which I expect will be a beautiful run. Over the last month or so, I have been raising money for my favourite non-profit in Victoria… so there’s no turning back now! And, do you know what this means? I can cross #3 off my On a Diet list and #4 off of my Missions!

I need this extra long weekend now more than ever before. After being stuck inside doing homework all summer, and applying for job after job for the past month, I just need to get away and have a few days be all about me. Me, me, me. :)

I have about $400 set aside for this trip, including ferry, hotel, gas, food and a tiny bit of shopping. Can I stay under budget and still have fun? You’ll find out on Monday!

Have a great weekend, friends! xo

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