Back to School: Last Year, Last Payment

Today is the first day of the final year of my degree program. My fall classes are up in Moodle, three new textbooks are being shipped and, if you saw my ridiculous tweets last night, I just submitted the final (1,800 word) paper of my seemingly life-sucking summer classes. So long, horrible summer classes that controlled my life for two months! (Sorry, that last line was just for me!)

Today is also the day I made my final tuition payment. Ever. The money came through from the Lifelong Learning Plan, I put it on my credit card, and the payment finally went through. So just now, I logged onto my University’s website and paid all of my upcoming invoices. That’s it! Done and done. (Red, you were right… it was a bit anti-climactic. Womp womp…)

Of course, I will need textbooks throughout the year, but the next time an invoice comes in (December 1, 2011), it will say that I have a credit balance. And when my final invoice comes in March, it will say, “Balance: $0.” Excuse me while I do a short happy dance.

This is the first item crossed off on my “On a Budget” list. Next week, I will be paying off the final -$252 I owe my parents from my School Loan and, by the end of the month, I hope to pay off my credit card with the smallest balance (approx. -$470).

Are you back in school this fall? How many years do you have left and how are you paying for your classes?

  • Go, LC! I’m sorry it was anti-climatic, but how exciting that you’re finished with summer and starting your final year!

    I’m in my final semester, and I cannot wait to be done. I will miss learning in a formal setting with others. My political science classes in particular have been so much fun. But I’ll keep learning on my own – just with a much lower price tag! I paid for my courses with student loans my first few years, but I saved up this spring and summer and paid cash for my summer and fall semesters. No new debt for me!

    • That’s ok, I don’t think anyone is happy to hand over -$2,820, lol.

      Yay no new debt for you! I can’t believe I am going to finish school with zero debt from it.

  • I’m starting a Master’s this semester and it will take me 16 months, so 4 semesters. I’m paying for it mostly by loans, although I didn’t get enough so I’m trying to find a job and am applying for bursaries.

  • I can’t believe that when I was in school it never even occurred to me to try to pay off my loans before working full-time. It felt like it was free money (until I had to pay it back with interest)!!!

    Good for you! You go, girl! :)

    • Well, I do work full-time and am only in school part-time online… (although it basically feels like two full-time jobs!). But I have enough debt on my plate… I didn’t want to finish with student debt, too.

      Thanks :)

  • LC, I’m a new follower and quite enjoy your blog. I was just wondering how you managed to get the Lifelong Learning Plan to pay for your school if you’re only doing it part-time. I was under the impression that it’s for full time course loads only?

    I’ve been working full time for the past 12 years after completing only 1.5 yrs of university. I took HR courses through my Provincial HR association and have my CHRP designation but I really want to complete my degree so my resume doesn’t perpetually read “Bachelors… In Progress”. Being on a strict budget and with 2 kids, I can’t afford to take out a loan for school and I didn’t think I would qualify for the LLP unless I’m going to school full time. I certainly can’t quit my job and online courses sound perfect. I would love to hear about how you did it.

    • Hi Sadaf,

      The university I go to considers all of it’s programs full-time. Even though I’m only in 1-2 classes at a time, I complete 10-12 classes per year. That’s as much as any full-time student would finish in two semesters, so the university promises that all programs qualify for LLP.

      Good luck in finding a solution that works for you.


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