Weekly Spending Report

Looking at this week, do you notice anything missing? Something I have been addicted to for a long time? It comes in a white cup and, because I’m weird, I drink it from a green straw? That’s because I gave up coffee about two weeks ago. And I mean I really gave it up. I have only had one cup of decaf in the last 15 days! The withdrawal symptoms included a few headaches and a serious case of irritability but I’m finally feeling ok without it. I think my bank account is going to love me for quitting, too!

-$8.92 groceries

No spend day!

No spend day!

-$20 gas

-$500 School Loan (only -$252 to go!)
-$149 Personal Loan
-$22.39 Future Shop (gift for a friend)
-$20 towards Thai take-out
-$20 pub for friend’s birthday

No spend day!

-$8.39 iron pills
-$3.33 shower liner

In: +$1,342.08
Out: -$103.03
Debt Payments: -$649

  • Wow, congrats on giving up coffee! That’s amazing. :) Your spending is looking good, girl, and I can’t believe you are almost done with your school loan. Seems like it has gone pretty quickly, at least from an outsider’s perspective…

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  • You gave up coffee?! My head just imploded with the notion. I’m getting a caffeine headache just thinking about it :)

    Go, you! That’s a lot of money saved in the long run.

  • WHAT?!?! I’m so inspired. I’ve been trying to give up coffee for years! I can’t imagine…I should just do it. What made you do it? Just feel motivated? I’ve been waiting for something to jumpstart my cold-turkey abstinence but nothing has!

  • Good job on giving up coffee! That is really impressive!!! I tried switching at least one cup a day to decaf and all I can think about while drinking it was ‘this is a lie’ ie not real coffee.
    Good job on paying off your loan!
    Can’t wait till I can do the no student loan dance!

    • As any true coffee drinker would say, decaf is NOT coffee. haha… I will post about it next week; seems like lots of people want to know how I survived the withdrawals, lol.

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